Sunday, February 14, 2010

Outside My Window: Winter Yardwork

A new tool for Jeff! He borrowed the neighbor's snow rake to see how it worked. Ours gave up the ghost last year and we're in the market for a new one - this is a very important decision for Minnesotans, doncha know?
If you're not from here, you may not know that we "rake" our roofs.  When the snow gets very deep on the rooftop you have to get up there and either pull some down with a rake or climb up there and push some off with a shovel.  You can imagine what the preferred method is!

It's fun to look out the window and see the snow crashing down in the closest we get to avalanches here on the plains.

Mia likes to play outside while Jeff is working - but gets nervous when the snow piles up and blocks her path back to the house!

It is hard, tiring work for both man and beast!

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