Saturday, February 13, 2010

WeekEnd Miscellany

Shew!  It's been a musically busy week ~

Jamie & Alex both had school Valentine's concerts Monday.  Same time, two different schools.  Jeff had to work so I was especially glad Kathryn &  Christian could take Alex and stay for his concert while I went to Jamie's. 

The kids had Tuesday off, but I went over to the FM Youth Symphony Office to help fold brochures for today's Super String Day.  We had a good crew and made short work of the 700 pieces - I love "music people."  We're a funny bunch - even as parents.

Alex was back on for Wednesday night - rehearsal with the Youth Symphony for Thursday's concert with MIDORI.  I happened to be standing in the hall as Mr Cole (middle school AND youth symphony director) passed by - I tell you, the air around the man was positively vibrating! 

Midori & her graduate student, Moni, have been blogging about their residency here.  It is really fun to read about the trip from their perspective!  Moni (originally from Bulgaria) has spent the last 2 years in southern California - the day he checked on Fargo-Moorhead weather, he observed that it was colder here than the capital of Siberia. 

Thursday morning Alex had "early practice" with the school orchestra - he had to be at school with his cello by 6:35.  If you know Alex at all, you know how painful this was.   

Thursday night was the Big Event for Alex - the concert with Midori at Festival Concert Hall (NDSU campus).  At least it seemed like the Big Event to me.  When I asked him if he had all his clothes together, he responded with "Now which concert is this??"  Turns out he DID have all his clothes - but as we were leaving the house he suddenly realized:  "MY CELLO IS STILL AT SCHOOL!"  After a brief moment during which we all stared at each other completely dumbfounded, we turned to Jamie.  Leaving aside all the ensuing angst for now, Alex's dear sister loaned him her beloved instrument for the sake of The Concert.  We still had a number of problems:  her cello is a full-size instrument and Alex still plays a 3/4 size.  Additionally, as we were arriving at NDSU, he realized his music was in his cello case - at the middle school.  This dilemma we left him to figure out on his own and dropped him on the curb!  ;-D 

Everyone arrived on time to score very good seats with our neighbor in the balcony.  In spite of our personal drama (and Alex glaring at us from the stage - which he swears he wasn't doing, but the entire row felt) the entire concert was excellent.  All our local groups performed well - and MIDORI was truly amazing.  I don't believe I have ever heard a musician of her calibre perform live.  It was a very moving experience.  I'm so glad all the kids had an opportunity to be part of the evening. 

No music Friday - but Alex did turn in his registration for high school classes.  Another quiet milestone.  We all took the night off and enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympic games. 

Today is SUPER STRING DAY (it even has its own Facebook Page!).  Jamie "volunteered" to be there at 7 to help out.  She and Alex are both participants as well.  More than 650 students!  Too many to open the final concert with Midori to the public so they are streaming the event live.  Christian (Kathryn's boyfriend) got special permission to be there to take pictures of the event.  [He's a PhotoJournalism Major at MSUM]  When I went over to take Alex his music stand (yes) it looked like a crazy exciting day at the middle school!

Alex gets a break now - until his school orchestra takes off for their Regional Tour next Thursday and Friday.  The Youth Symphony plays the National Anthem for the Fargo Force hockey game Feb 21.  We haven't been to a game yet - so we're looking forward to a fun family outing!

Other miscellany from the week:  Alex got rubber bands at his ortho appt Wednesday - he's really excited about that - not.  Jamie is going to an "Icebreaker" at Northwestern Sunday & Monday.  Alex is riding along to visit the cousins.  Jamie gets to stay on campus - Alex will stay with Aunt Connie.  Nate is staying home to attend a youth group party at Valley Sunday night.  He'll also get to go to church there & spend the afternoon with a friend. 

Nate has a follow-up appointment with the endocrinologist this week.  He's been working on gaining weight the last six months - he's gained height instead!  He's taller than Jamie and me, but still not over 100 pounds. We'll see what new suggestions the doctor will have on Wednesday.

Roommate drama abounds!  Both Kathryn AND Marissa are changing roommates this month.  Kathryn has been looking for someone to take her current roommate's space and rent.  Kathryn had an "interview" with a couple of Sam's friends Thursday night that went well.  Marissa is moving to a single bedroom apartment on her own - after a cascade of roommate defections.  If you've ever had a roommate, you know how it goes.  We're hoping both will find a little peace for awhile.  Kathryn is working weekends at West Acres Bowl in the snackbar and looking for something part time to fill in the week.  She has an interview at Dunn Bros Coffee (where Christian works) this week.  Marissa has been working at Olive Garden for over a year now.

Thanks for reading - for being interested in our lives and loving us!  Happy Valentine's Day.

Stay warm and be cool.



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