Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a very quiet Valentine's Day house today...

Jamie, Alex & Nate took off for Minneapolis early this morning.  (Nate decided to go for a visit, too, since he missed the last trip)  They left pretty close to their schedule - Jeff made them heart-shaped pancakes, bacon and fruit for a delicious breakfast! 

Jamie is attending "Icebreaker" at Northwestern College in St Paul.  It's especially for newly admitted & prospective students.  She will get to stay on campus overnight tonight and really mix in student life for a day.  She's pretty excited.

Nate & Alex are staying at their Aunt Connie's house and visiting with cousins overnight.  They'll all drive back pretty late tomorrow night. 

I'm so glad that they can travel together and enjoy time with family in Minneapolis, but it's always hard to see them go - I can really feel that I'm on the other edge of a parenting season.  They have begun to leave the nest little by little -  and it won't be long before all my birds will have flown. 

I'm really not looking forward to Jamie graduating, possibly working away from home all summer and then leaving for school in St Paul.  I'm going to miss her SO much.  A few days ago my mom wisely (and a little harshly I thought) reminded me that it is selfish mothering to try to hold on to children too tightly when they're ready to go.  ouch, mom! <3 

I remember how surprised I was when I instantly loved Kathryn the moment I saw her.  The power of it took my breath away.  I worried about whether I could possibly love another baby more.  Then Jamie was born and love multiplied!  When Nate was born I found my love for a boy.  And Alex was a miracle.  My children have somehow become the love of my life.   I can't even imagine it without them.

A couple days with a quiet house is nice...but they remind me to enjoy the noisy, busy, joy-full days we have left under one roof.

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