Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Battle of the Bulge

The second month of my GMOBBIS Challenge was a time of going to war with my body.  The theme of February was Covert/ Commando where my exercise routines consisted again of a variety of light to medium to heavy weight training coupled with intervals of high intensity cardio work.  I picked the military/ espionage model cause some of the most fit men in the world are those that serve in the armed forces or work in the clandestine trade.  I mean, think Daniel Craig's James Bond in Casino Royal or various military soldiers.  

Like January, I kept the four day a week workout sessions alternating between Chest/ Back/ Triceps and Legs/ Shoulders/ Biceps.  Some of my workout routines were The James Bond Blaster, The Burn Notice (TV's CIA Spy Michael Westen), Heavy Artillery, Army Strong, Light Armor, and Boot Camp.  

Since I was into the second month, I was pushing it a bit more and was starting to see some changes.  I was starting to feel stronger and my cardio endurance was improving more and more.  Unfortunately, I wasn't losing much weight at this point which was frustrating.  I figure I must have been building muscle while losing some fat and just knew I had to stick with it as over time my body would start to drop the weight.

A BIG part of any weight loss program is the nutrition part.  I'm thinking in the weeks ahead I'll need to look at my overall eating program and make some adjustments.

Next time . . . the Ides of March means it's TOGA time!!