Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday Jamie!

We had such a great day celebrating Jamie - we did about half the stuff she came up with in the last week - it was a full day.  We went to church all together at Salem this morning - joined by Kathryn and Christian.  Our new pastor (Glen Stevens) is preaching through the book of Mark.  We like him very much.

Birthday lunch was at HuHot Mongolian Grill.  We haven't been there in awhile and really enjoyed making up our own bowls of deliciousness for the grill.  Jamie is still a carnivore - chicken, beef AND pork!  That's my sweet girl!

Then we were off to Mexican Village (a local favorite) for Fried Ice Cream which Jamie claims is even more awesome than birthday cake.  It WAS yummy.  And Jamie's was free!  Which brings up an interesting quirk about Jamie's birthday - when does she get her free meal, dessert, coffee, whatever?  She was born February 29, 1992 so she only has a "real" birthday once every four years.

We all came home for presents - which were pretty much awesome all the way around.  Then Kathryn & Jamie went to do sister stuff for a couple hours.  Nate & Jamie took Kathryn to work and then went on to see "Valentine's Day."  I thought it was super sweet for Nate to take his sister to see a movie she wanted to see.  

Grandma Miller sent Jamie a special card and included a card that Philip sent to Uncle Brett for his eighteenth birthday.

It was neat to see the familiar handwriting and what he had to say to his brother on his 18th.

Grandma & grandpa Knick sent Jamie such a neat gift - Grandpa made Jamie a recipe box made from water maple wood cut from their property in Ohio.  It got a lot of ooooos and aahhhhhhs.  It's a beautiful box with a woodcut of Jamie's name on top and special dividers inside.  It has large 4 x 6 cards that Jamie has started to write her favorite recipes on already!

We all love the lid that has curved sides and a latch that clasps itself when you close the lid - a point Jamie made and giggled over at least 15 times in a row.

Jamie also received cards & gifts from Aunt Cindy Grandma & Grandpa Knick, Grandma & Grandpa Miller and Jeff's parents (Don & Gloria) and Barry & Cindy Klein.  She was excited to shop with generous cash gifts of course:  she bought herself a penny whistle, sketch book...she also has plans to buy a fish - she has her eye on a beta!  I'm trying to encourage her to wait until she moves to school as I take care of my fish mostly my ignoring them to make them strong.  They are hearty goldfish - not sure betas would thrive in MY fishbowl.

  Jamie and i had so much fun shopping at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  I really wanted to get her some art supplies that she could use for the rest of this year and for school next year as well.  We found a nice portfolio case for carrying both projects and supplies.  It seems very versatile.  We also found a book for displaying her art all together.  It was fun to have her with me to pick it out but didn't leave many surprises for her to open.  Jeff & I did get her favorite beef jerky Jack's Links!  (she's always been the carnivore of the family - we even had steak for supper last night!!)

After eighteen years celebrating Jamie, each gets more fun - we learn more about our dear Jamie.  She is the joy of our lives.  We're going to miss her so much when her life moves to the next phase this summer.  But she is so ready - she been practicing with her wings.  She'll soon be ready to fly!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kid Coasters!

I edited these pictures in Picasa (google photo editor) for a set of coasters I have that are also nice wooden photo frames. I also figured out how to send them to the special photo paper tray on my printer (I hope! I haven't gone downstairs to check yet). And now I'm pretty sure I'm going to send the pics to my blog right from Picasa. I think Google might rule the world.

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WeekEnd Miscellany

OK.  First of all.  WHY has no one asked me to buy GirlScout cookies this year?? Isn't it time?  Did I miss it?  If you know a Girl Scout, would you please send her to my door?  thank you.

Nate has completed his first lactose-free milk week.  Wow.  What a difference a week makes.  He drank regular milk for lunch at school one day as an experiment and felt lousy all through algebra!  (we got the note from the doc so he can get the good stuff at school now)  He feels better.  His appetite is better.  What a simple happy thing.

Alex has been enjoying the company of his teachers a little more than usual this week - he has started a schedule of staying after 4 days a week.  Though he is a "pleasure to have in class," his grades do not currently reflect his academic capabilities.  So.  A little more attention to the assignment book at school & at home and a little more (ok, a LOT more) organization through the rest of the year.  AND his mama may have found The Cello Teacher for Alex.  A student at MSUM - I enjoyed visiting with him on the phone very much.  They are getting together next Tuesday evening to "see if they like each other."  Keep your fingers crossed!!  May the stars align!

Jamie continue to enjoy her Advanced Art class.  One of her watercolor pieces is currently on display at the school.  That's kinda cool!  We're celebrating her 18th birthday this weekend.  So far IHOP after church on Sunday and cards in the afternoon.  Alex thinks we should bowl a little Sunday evening when we drop Kathryn off for work so we'll see how things develop.  Jamie also got her Official Email Notification from Tay that she is hired to work at Pine Haven this summer.  She will be working 3/4 time with the "indoor team" and 1/4 time with the "outdoor team."  She's pleased with the arrangement and really feels that this is where she needs to be this summer.  We're so excited for her - and waiting to see what will be!

Marissa has pretty much completed her move to a one-bedroom "solo" apartment.  Jeff helped her some with cleaning and painting this week to finish up - the former roommates pretty much missed out on all that fun.  ;-7  Kathryn's new roommates are moved in - they hardly saw each other the first week.  They've spent some time "hanging out" now and seem to enjoy each other.  I think Kathryn would like to get her own place this summer when the lease is up - but the apartment is SO close to campus and she's planning to go back to school in the Fall.  Hard to let it go.

Jamie & Ashlee have been txting some possibilities back and forth for summer visits.  Ashlee would really like to come from Texas for Jamie's graduation but school won't be quite over for her and she would need to re-arrange some finals.  We're also looking at visit possibilities in August.  Can't wait to get her back here for awhile.

Jeff blogged earlier this week about the Oscar nominations.  We DO like to watch movies - but he's the King when it comes to the actors and directors and plots and other such trivia.  Poor guy often has to remind me whether or not I've ever seen a movie - I must sleep through more than I realize!  One I DO remember is my favorite for this year - UP.  We got it from Netflix to watch with the kids again this weekend.  Seriously - I believe this movie has the best opening 10 minutes of any movie I've ever seen anywhere.  So, so sweet - so touching.  I don't know who else in my row was crying, but I was deeply moved and heard plenty of sniffing around the theater.  If you haven't yet, do.

I worked on a blog entry this week on the subject "to ASK or not to ASK."  You know, the question about the elephant in the room.  The question so obvious, but so hard to ask?  Should I?  Shouldn't I?  Maybe it's none of my business.  

I asked Jeff to take a look at it before posting.  He thought maybe I was starting work on a book!  :-)  Guess THAT one needs a little editing.  Here's the thumbnail.  As long as you're talking to right person:  ASK.   Then Accept (what you hear), Say (what you think), and Keep (it to yourself).   Don't know if I was born to be a teacher or have just been hanging out with preachers too long - the acronym just came to me.  And that may be the last you see of that idea! 

Have an excellent weekend.  Stay warm & be cool.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wordless wednesday

first bath for baby jamie
b. february 29, 1992

see how nicely big sister, kathryn, is helping?

Jamie has always had her own special way of making her feelings known!

And the Nominees Are . . .

Being that Lori and I are HUGE movie fans, I thought I would comment on the list of movies for Best Picture for the upcoming 82nd Annual Academy Awards on March 7th. (Typically I blow off the actual show cause I find the entire awards ceremony mostly a boring mess, but with the right host(s) and IF I'm interested in some of the nominees then I may tune in. You never know)

So anyway the LIST for Best Picture is a colossal one showing TEN movies instead of the typical 5 to choose from and I'm still shaking my head and saying, "Seriously?? Ten movies nominated for BEST picture?!?" Surely they jest. (No, and don't call me Shirley. Bada-tish!) Just in case you haven't seen it here it is:

The Blindside
District 9
An Education
The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
A Serious Man
Up in the Air

I will say that after seeing the list I was a bit proud that I had actually seen six of the ten movies listed which typically I've only seen one or two so yay for me! Still, with a more critical eye, of the ten nominated I think you can scale it down to the usual five. I will be frank that I can't comment on the Oscar worthiness of The Blindside, An Education, Precious, or A Serious Man since I haven't seen them so perhaps they actually DO deserve to be nominated for Best Picture . . . but I'm thinking not.

Of the movies I did see, I think Avatar, Hurt Locker, Up, and Up in the Air are probably the actual contenders though I'm being nice including Up as it is an animated film but I LOVED the first 5 minutes (Yes, I perhaps had a misty moment there or maybe just something in my eye) and think it definitely should win Best Animated Feature Film if not Best Picture.

Why not include District 9 or Inglourious Basterds? Well, let's get real here folks. District 9, while being a well done and thought provoking movie done in a docu drama style shoot, its still a hard core scifi flick. Personally, I liked it cause I'm a total scifi fan but even I don't think it has a chance to be voted BEST Picture. And Inglourious Basterds is a Quentin Tarantino wacky and darkly entertaining WWII What IF flick that I thought has some great performances by Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Diane Kruger, and Melanie Laurent, but will it win Best Picture? Really long odds for that to happen.

So which film will win between Avatar, Hurt Locker, and Up in The Air? Well, the smart money is on Avatar cause its . . . Avatar, duh! Yes, it is a visually stunning movie with incredible special effects, etc. but honestly the acting is so-so and the storyline is a tale as old as time. However, it is SUCH a box office mega hit that it seems a shoe in for Best Picture. Personally, I think either Hurt Locker or Up in The Air would be a better pick from the more dramatic point of view. Both films have great casts that gave really dynamic performances, good direction, and really visually interesting cinematography and are thought provoking in their respective ways. So it will be interesting to see which of those three wins the little gold guy this year so tune in March 7th to hear "and the winner is . . ."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cellos and hockey sticks

The Fargo Moorhead Area Youth Symphony (Jr Hi) played the National Anthem for the Fargo Force Hockey game at the Urban Plains Center Sunday night.  This just another example of one of the things I really enjoy about living in this community.  The town has a hockey team (& a baseball team) with facilities that are just the right size - big enough to be impressive & fun; small enough to take your kids and be close enough to all the action to have to pay attention!  In addition, there are plenty of arts opportunities - and we're not afraid to combine them at any opportunity.

Check out my video post on Facebook of the orchestra playing the National Anthem.  They did a great job and it sounded really good!

The Fargo Force is #2 in the West Division.  They played the Indiana Ice Sunday night.  Some of our group had never seen a hockey game so we were glad the Force was in good form and scored often and well.  They beat Indiana 6 - 2. 

They kept things interesting with a gloves off fight between 2 players early on, several broken hockey sticks and pucks flying.  The penalty box was well used.  The crashes against the boards were loud and exciting!

As with Redhawks baseball at Newman Outdoor Field, the UP Center kept the ADD hockey fans interested with all the extras.  Hornbacher's (local grocery) had a remote control blimp that they flew around the arena during breaks - dropping coupons and tickets on the crowd. 

They played Dance for Your Supper to win a Little Caesar's Pizza - one of the orchestra kids one - and shared with people all around him!  Of course the Fan Cam was active throughout the game - a people watcher's favorite feature.  The kids all played Chuck a Puck after the 2nd period - they throw rubber pucks onto the ice to try to hit targets to win a prize. 

There was always something fun going on!

And FOOD!  We bought a Family Pack deal that included tickets and pop and hotdog.  Alex got in for free of course PLUS received a coupon for Dippin' Dots (the ice cream of the future!).  We ended up with combinations of hot dogs, big pretzels with nacho cheese, Dippin' Dots and...wait for it...MINI-DOUGHNUTS!!!

It was Marissa's first hockey game ever - we were so glad to have her with us!  As much as I enjoyed have little kids - and miss my sweet preschoolers - it is so much fun having teenagers.  They are really delightful to take places and so enjoyable to be with. 

Marissa came back to the house with us and we had more fun playing cards in front of the fire.   We started the day at church with Kathryn & Christian.   Ended it at home with Marissa.  What an amazing blessing to be so surrounded by our family! 

Friday, February 19, 2010


Wow!  I'm pretty sure I've updated more this week than any since I started blogging last year.  (yay, me!)

I already wrote about Nate's great weight rate this week:  see "Fat Nate Update below."  (yay, Nate!)

Alex is in the middle of the Middle School Regional Orchestra Tour today.  They left after school yesterday & will return about 6 tonight.  The Big Deal is they stayed overnight at a hotel in St Cloud last night & Alex remembered to pack his swim trunks.  I'll bet he wishes he had his own valet - Jeff dropped him at school yesterday morning with his cello, suitcase and TWO backpacks - one of which Alex asked Jeff to be very careful of as it contains "fragile stuff."  The orchestra plays today in competition and clinic.

Alex plays the National Anthem with the Youth Symphony at the Fargo Force hockey game Sunday afternoon.  We haven't been to a game at the UP Center yet - Marissa hasn't ever been to a hockey game at all - so we're looking forward to a fun event.

We've all been enjoying the Olympics this week. One of our favorites were watching Moorhead native, Mark Ladvig compete in pairs skating.  They didn't medal - but did post personal best scores and are a team to watch.  The kids liked the snowboarding of course - and love watching Shaun White on the halfpipe.  It was very exciting - don't know how they do it.

We're having friends over tonight for dessert & cards.  Those of you who know how limited our social life has been, just close your mouths - it's not THAT shocking.  Hopefully we won't seem too overly eager and scare them away.  

Have a great weekend - stay warm and be cool.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

view from my window: foggy morning makes a frosty afternoon

Fat Nate Update

Nate saw his doctor (endocrinologist) yesterday afternoon and came out with a new theory and plenty of good news.  He's pretty darn proud of himself.  Since he last saw Dr Kenien six months ago he's gained 9 pounds (almost ten) and grown just a little less than an inch!  When he stands up straight he's taller than all the girls in his family. 

Nate has also had an upset stomach fairly frequently so he talked with Dr Kenien about it and the doc suggested that Nate might be lactose intolerant.  At the last visit he recommended that Nate drink at least 3 large glasses of milk each day!  As we talked about it later this theory seemed to make more and more sense. 

For breakfast this morning the boy had a cheese omelet, toast, the new lactose-free milk - and was finishing off the box of doughnut holes on his way out the door.  THAT sounds more like the teenage boy we've been looking for!

The conclusion is that he's making good progress and he's good for another 6 months or 20,000 miles.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a very quiet Valentine's Day house today...

Jamie, Alex & Nate took off for Minneapolis early this morning.  (Nate decided to go for a visit, too, since he missed the last trip)  They left pretty close to their schedule - Jeff made them heart-shaped pancakes, bacon and fruit for a delicious breakfast! 

Jamie is attending "Icebreaker" at Northwestern College in St Paul.  It's especially for newly admitted & prospective students.  She will get to stay on campus overnight tonight and really mix in student life for a day.  She's pretty excited.

Nate & Alex are staying at their Aunt Connie's house and visiting with cousins overnight.  They'll all drive back pretty late tomorrow night. 

I'm so glad that they can travel together and enjoy time with family in Minneapolis, but it's always hard to see them go - I can really feel that I'm on the other edge of a parenting season.  They have begun to leave the nest little by little -  and it won't be long before all my birds will have flown. 

I'm really not looking forward to Jamie graduating, possibly working away from home all summer and then leaving for school in St Paul.  I'm going to miss her SO much.  A few days ago my mom wisely (and a little harshly I thought) reminded me that it is selfish mothering to try to hold on to children too tightly when they're ready to go.  ouch, mom! <3 

I remember how surprised I was when I instantly loved Kathryn the moment I saw her.  The power of it took my breath away.  I worried about whether I could possibly love another baby more.  Then Jamie was born and love multiplied!  When Nate was born I found my love for a boy.  And Alex was a miracle.  My children have somehow become the love of my life.   I can't even imagine it without them.

A couple days with a quiet house is nice...but they remind me to enjoy the noisy, busy, joy-full days we have left under one roof.

Outside My Window: Winter Yardwork

A new tool for Jeff! He borrowed the neighbor's snow rake to see how it worked. Ours gave up the ghost last year and we're in the market for a new one - this is a very important decision for Minnesotans, doncha know?
If you're not from here, you may not know that we "rake" our roofs.  When the snow gets very deep on the rooftop you have to get up there and either pull some down with a rake or climb up there and push some off with a shovel.  You can imagine what the preferred method is!

It's fun to look out the window and see the snow crashing down in the closest we get to avalanches here on the plains.

Mia likes to play outside while Jeff is working - but gets nervous when the snow piles up and blocks her path back to the house!

It is hard, tiring work for both man and beast!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

WeekEnd Miscellany

Shew!  It's been a musically busy week ~

Jamie & Alex both had school Valentine's concerts Monday.  Same time, two different schools.  Jeff had to work so I was especially glad Kathryn &  Christian could take Alex and stay for his concert while I went to Jamie's. 

The kids had Tuesday off, but I went over to the FM Youth Symphony Office to help fold brochures for today's Super String Day.  We had a good crew and made short work of the 700 pieces - I love "music people."  We're a funny bunch - even as parents.

Alex was back on for Wednesday night - rehearsal with the Youth Symphony for Thursday's concert with MIDORI.  I happened to be standing in the hall as Mr Cole (middle school AND youth symphony director) passed by - I tell you, the air around the man was positively vibrating! 

Midori & her graduate student, Moni, have been blogging about their residency here.  It is really fun to read about the trip from their perspective!  Moni (originally from Bulgaria) has spent the last 2 years in southern California - the day he checked on Fargo-Moorhead weather, he observed that it was colder here than the capital of Siberia. 

Thursday morning Alex had "early practice" with the school orchestra - he had to be at school with his cello by 6:35.  If you know Alex at all, you know how painful this was.   

Thursday night was the Big Event for Alex - the concert with Midori at Festival Concert Hall (NDSU campus).  At least it seemed like the Big Event to me.  When I asked him if he had all his clothes together, he responded with "Now which concert is this??"  Turns out he DID have all his clothes - but as we were leaving the house he suddenly realized:  "MY CELLO IS STILL AT SCHOOL!"  After a brief moment during which we all stared at each other completely dumbfounded, we turned to Jamie.  Leaving aside all the ensuing angst for now, Alex's dear sister loaned him her beloved instrument for the sake of The Concert.  We still had a number of problems:  her cello is a full-size instrument and Alex still plays a 3/4 size.  Additionally, as we were arriving at NDSU, he realized his music was in his cello case - at the middle school.  This dilemma we left him to figure out on his own and dropped him on the curb!  ;-D 

Everyone arrived on time to score very good seats with our neighbor in the balcony.  In spite of our personal drama (and Alex glaring at us from the stage - which he swears he wasn't doing, but the entire row felt) the entire concert was excellent.  All our local groups performed well - and MIDORI was truly amazing.  I don't believe I have ever heard a musician of her calibre perform live.  It was a very moving experience.  I'm so glad all the kids had an opportunity to be part of the evening. 

No music Friday - but Alex did turn in his registration for high school classes.  Another quiet milestone.  We all took the night off and enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympic games. 

Today is SUPER STRING DAY (it even has its own Facebook Page!).  Jamie "volunteered" to be there at 7 to help out.  She and Alex are both participants as well.  More than 650 students!  Too many to open the final concert with Midori to the public so they are streaming the event live.  Christian (Kathryn's boyfriend) got special permission to be there to take pictures of the event.  [He's a PhotoJournalism Major at MSUM]  When I went over to take Alex his music stand (yes) it looked like a crazy exciting day at the middle school!

Alex gets a break now - until his school orchestra takes off for their Regional Tour next Thursday and Friday.  The Youth Symphony plays the National Anthem for the Fargo Force hockey game Feb 21.  We haven't been to a game yet - so we're looking forward to a fun family outing!

Other miscellany from the week:  Alex got rubber bands at his ortho appt Wednesday - he's really excited about that - not.  Jamie is going to an "Icebreaker" at Northwestern Sunday & Monday.  Alex is riding along to visit the cousins.  Jamie gets to stay on campus - Alex will stay with Aunt Connie.  Nate is staying home to attend a youth group party at Valley Sunday night.  He'll also get to go to church there & spend the afternoon with a friend. 

Nate has a follow-up appointment with the endocrinologist this week.  He's been working on gaining weight the last six months - he's gained height instead!  He's taller than Jamie and me, but still not over 100 pounds. We'll see what new suggestions the doctor will have on Wednesday.

Roommate drama abounds!  Both Kathryn AND Marissa are changing roommates this month.  Kathryn has been looking for someone to take her current roommate's space and rent.  Kathryn had an "interview" with a couple of Sam's friends Thursday night that went well.  Marissa is moving to a single bedroom apartment on her own - after a cascade of roommate defections.  If you've ever had a roommate, you know how it goes.  We're hoping both will find a little peace for awhile.  Kathryn is working weekends at West Acres Bowl in the snackbar and looking for something part time to fill in the week.  She has an interview at Dunn Bros Coffee (where Christian works) this week.  Marissa has been working at Olive Garden for over a year now.

Thanks for reading - for being interested in our lives and loving us!  Happy Valentine's Day.

Stay warm and be cool.



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wordless wednesday

these are the kinds of pictures you get when you Wii Ski with boys!! 

Jeff smiling while he races downhill. . .

Alexander tearing up the course (and shot from behind because he's camera shy). . .

And MY Mii (isn't she CUTE???) 
oh:  and see my real life arm there to the side?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

View From My Window

Doesn't this look like something from the Fortress of Silence
(or whatever that Superman Ice Cave is called)?
Alex collected these from the back of the house.
February 9, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Up in The Air Review


Lori and I went to see Up in The Air last Friday night on a snowy wintery eve in downtown Fargo.  We like going to that theater because its an old main street style theater that has been restored and so its just fun to go from time to time.  They used to only show the real artsy fartsy err . . . uh . . . I mean, independent films and admittedly we've seen some good movies there in the past couple of years.  However, recently the Fargo Theater has been showing some main stream popular first run movies as well so we may see more films there in the future.

So . . . the movie . . . it starred George Clooney as Ryan Bingham a corporate downsizer who travels from business to business as the employee hitman for the corporate bosses who are too chicken to fire or let go their own workers.  We follow his life on the road - except for Ryan Bingham his road is thirty-six thousand feet in the air flying from coast to coast and parts in between to help various white collar workers transition out of their current jobs and into the hellish oblivion which is the unemployed.  (A real movie of our times, eh kiddies?)  Kinda like the Boatman on the river Styx of Corporate America.  I thought George Clooney played the part well with the right mix of personal detachment to others (How could you NOT be detached as a person when you spend your days telling people they just lost their jobs. Yeesh! ) and denial of the haunting loneliness in the life he lives. 

Along with George Clooney was Vera Farmiga playing Alex Goran, a late thirties corporate business woman who, like Clooney, travels extensively for her work, and Anna Kendrick, who played Natalie Keener, a young 23 yr old hot shot hired by Jason Bateman as Craig Gregory, owner of Career Transition Counseling and Ryan's boss, to try to improve the way Ryan and the other "terminators" of CTC do business. 

Both women play their roles quite well with Vera Farmiga being the jaded corporate business woman and Anna Kendrick oozing the perky and all knowingness of a young twentysomething with all the answers but who doesn't even know the important questions.  (Yeah, we were all like that back in the day)  

Ryan's relationship with both of these woman causes him to really examine the life he leads though they both challenge him in totally different ways.  Though some of the plot was pretty predictable and formulaic, there were some nice surprises and character discoveries and definitely some of Clooney's best work yet.  And kudos to the direction and cinematography as it was very well done throughout.  My rating is a four out of five movie reels:

Friday, February 5, 2010


The BIG news this week was Nate passing the written test for his driver's permit.  (and Jeff FAILING the first time!!  hee!)  We did just a little driving in the neighborhood around the DMV office before school - but the roads are pretty icy for a first time driver and I'm told the accelerator in the van is a little touchy.  (No.  It's not a Toyota, but does seem prone to sudden acceleration for 1st time drivers!)

Jeff & Alex picked Nate up after school today to "celebrate" with a trip to K-Mart.  They were having a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale on video games and Nate convinced Jeff to "Buy 1."  I'm pretty sure they were all glad I didn't go along to censor the choices. 

[Me to Jeff:  "Really?  You're really telling me Call of Duty will develop leadership skills?  These were educational choices?"]  I'm hearing the cries of delight - "ohhhh!"  "THIS IS SO COOL" - as I type.

Alex's High School registration was Thursday night.  Wow.  Last one to register for high school - he's pretty excited about it actually.  I think.  Sometimes it's hard to tell.  :-)  He has to make his final choices by next Friday. 

Next week is going to be musical craziness!  Jamie & Alex both have concerts Monday night at the same time.  So I just gave up - I'm going to Grand Forks for a Mary Kay event.  I'm volunteering at the FMAYS (Fargo-Moorhead Area Youth Symphony) office Tuesday afternoon. 

MIDORI is coming to town next week - she does two "residencies" a year and one of them for 2010 is Fargo/Moorhead!  Alex & the Youth Symphony will do a pops concert with her Thursday night (pizza party & rehearsal Wednesday night).  Jamie & Alex will both attend "Super String Day" at Horizon all day Saturday with a concert at 3.  She's also playing with the FM Symphony Orchestra Saturday evening and Sunday - but I'm pretty sure we'll be partied out by then!  I'm pretty sure my kids REALLY don't understand what a big deal it is, but I know they'll have a great time.

It's a big cello month for Alex:  the 8th grade orchestra regional outreach tour is the 18th & 19th.  They travel to rural schools that don't have orchestra programs - this is an overnight trip and they're pretty pumped about it.  The Youth Symphony also plays the National Anthem for the Fargo Force (hockey) game on the 21st.  We haven't been to a game yet - so that should be a fun evening all the way around.

Big Mary Kay next week, too - besides the Grand Forks event Monday, I have the regular Tuesday Night Live and the first of two "Chocolate Affairs" next Saturday morning.  Guests booked for all events so far so February is looking good. 

Julie says I never write about Jeff.  He forgot to study for the driver's test - you have to take a written test to get a license in Minnesota.  It proved to be a fatal mistake.  But he did retake it yesterday and passed.  He has his weights and workout stuff all set up in the family room downstairs and has been enjoying getting back in shape after the holidays.  He's still planning to go back to school in the Fall - he wants to teach Math.  (ugh)  He is doing an awesome job quietly supporting and encouraging us all in the most practical ways.  Driving, cooking, doing laundry, shoveling snow - playing video games.  ;-D

It's snowing.  Again.  It's Friday - so Jeff & I are heading out for a movie downtown at the Fargo Theatre.  It's an old restored 1930's era theater - I love going there.  We've been trying to see "Up in the Air" for about a month now so I'm glad we finally got a matinee that will work.  Maybe I'll get Jeff to write a review! 

Be cool and stay warm!  <3


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Nate's Driver's Permit Test
February 3, 2010