Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Miller Kids

from l to r:  Alex, Kathryn, Nate, Jamie

I can hardly call them 'kids' any more.  They are definitely young men and women either out of the nest or just getting ready to fly!

Alex (my baby!) is 16 and about to finish his sophomore year at Moorhead High School.  He's a computer whiz and more recently fascinated by biology and specifically genetics.  He makes me think, "wow!" at least once a day.  We've all been enjoying his cat - "Gilbert," "Simba," or "get-off-there-stupid-kitty!" - since he came home from the shelter as a surprise for Alex's 16th birthday.  Alex & I have been thinking about what life will be like this summer with Jamie leaves and then next fall when Nate takes off.  WOW.

Kathryn (my big girl) is 22.  I can't even believe it.  She's renting a little house she loves in a neighborhood she loves a little less.  She works A LOT as a server at Redford's Steakhouse in Fargo.  Having Kathryn visit is always a treat -- we can't believe she lives right across town because we just don't get to see her enough!

Nate is 18 and just moments away from graduating from Moorhead High School.  He's had senioritis for about a year now and is SO excited to move on to the next phase of young adult independence.  He is the tallest of our family at just 6 feet even.  He's planning to go to school at NDSU next year, jumping right into the architecture program there.  

Jamie at PHCA, front row 2nd from L
Jamie is 20 and still the life of our party.  It has been fun to have her at home this fall and winter.  She's taking classes at MSUM and will be moving to campus in the Fall.  She will be back at Pine Haven for the 3rd summer in a row.  She loves it there!  In this staff pic, Jamie is right next to her cousin, Katie Cachiaras.  They are sometimes mistaken one for the other to the delight of both.

We're all well aware that some part of our life together is coming to a close and another part is about to begin.  So I just try to hang onto these precious moments together!

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