Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fat Nate Update

Nate saw his doctor (endocrinologist) yesterday afternoon and came out with a new theory and plenty of good news.  He's pretty darn proud of himself.  Since he last saw Dr Kenien six months ago he's gained 9 pounds (almost ten) and grown just a little less than an inch!  When he stands up straight he's taller than all the girls in his family. 

Nate has also had an upset stomach fairly frequently so he talked with Dr Kenien about it and the doc suggested that Nate might be lactose intolerant.  At the last visit he recommended that Nate drink at least 3 large glasses of milk each day!  As we talked about it later this theory seemed to make more and more sense. 

For breakfast this morning the boy had a cheese omelet, toast, the new lactose-free milk - and was finishing off the box of doughnut holes on his way out the door.  THAT sounds more like the teenage boy we've been looking for!

The conclusion is that he's making good progress and he's good for another 6 months or 20,000 miles.

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