Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cellos and hockey sticks

The Fargo Moorhead Area Youth Symphony (Jr Hi) played the National Anthem for the Fargo Force Hockey game at the Urban Plains Center Sunday night.  This just another example of one of the things I really enjoy about living in this community.  The town has a hockey team (& a baseball team) with facilities that are just the right size - big enough to be impressive & fun; small enough to take your kids and be close enough to all the action to have to pay attention!  In addition, there are plenty of arts opportunities - and we're not afraid to combine them at any opportunity.

Check out my video post on Facebook of the orchestra playing the National Anthem.  They did a great job and it sounded really good!

The Fargo Force is #2 in the West Division.  They played the Indiana Ice Sunday night.  Some of our group had never seen a hockey game so we were glad the Force was in good form and scored often and well.  They beat Indiana 6 - 2. 

They kept things interesting with a gloves off fight between 2 players early on, several broken hockey sticks and pucks flying.  The penalty box was well used.  The crashes against the boards were loud and exciting!

As with Redhawks baseball at Newman Outdoor Field, the UP Center kept the ADD hockey fans interested with all the extras.  Hornbacher's (local grocery) had a remote control blimp that they flew around the arena during breaks - dropping coupons and tickets on the crowd. 

They played Dance for Your Supper to win a Little Caesar's Pizza - one of the orchestra kids one - and shared with people all around him!  Of course the Fan Cam was active throughout the game - a people watcher's favorite feature.  The kids all played Chuck a Puck after the 2nd period - they throw rubber pucks onto the ice to try to hit targets to win a prize. 

There was always something fun going on!

And FOOD!  We bought a Family Pack deal that included tickets and pop and hotdog.  Alex got in for free of course PLUS received a coupon for Dippin' Dots (the ice cream of the future!).  We ended up with combinations of hot dogs, big pretzels with nacho cheese, Dippin' Dots and...wait for it...MINI-DOUGHNUTS!!!

It was Marissa's first hockey game ever - we were so glad to have her with us!  As much as I enjoyed have little kids - and miss my sweet preschoolers - it is so much fun having teenagers.  They are really delightful to take places and so enjoyable to be with. 

Marissa came back to the house with us and we had more fun playing cards in front of the fire.   We started the day at church with Kathryn & Christian.   Ended it at home with Marissa.  What an amazing blessing to be so surrounded by our family! 

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