Friday, February 19, 2010


Wow!  I'm pretty sure I've updated more this week than any since I started blogging last year.  (yay, me!)

I already wrote about Nate's great weight rate this week:  see "Fat Nate Update below."  (yay, Nate!)

Alex is in the middle of the Middle School Regional Orchestra Tour today.  They left after school yesterday & will return about 6 tonight.  The Big Deal is they stayed overnight at a hotel in St Cloud last night & Alex remembered to pack his swim trunks.  I'll bet he wishes he had his own valet - Jeff dropped him at school yesterday morning with his cello, suitcase and TWO backpacks - one of which Alex asked Jeff to be very careful of as it contains "fragile stuff."  The orchestra plays today in competition and clinic.

Alex plays the National Anthem with the Youth Symphony at the Fargo Force hockey game Sunday afternoon.  We haven't been to a game at the UP Center yet - Marissa hasn't ever been to a hockey game at all - so we're looking forward to a fun event.

We've all been enjoying the Olympics this week. One of our favorites were watching Moorhead native, Mark Ladvig compete in pairs skating.  They didn't medal - but did post personal best scores and are a team to watch.  The kids liked the snowboarding of course - and love watching Shaun White on the halfpipe.  It was very exciting - don't know how they do it.

We're having friends over tonight for dessert & cards.  Those of you who know how limited our social life has been, just close your mouths - it's not THAT shocking.  Hopefully we won't seem too overly eager and scare them away.  

Have a great weekend - stay warm and be cool.


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