Friday, February 26, 2010

WeekEnd Miscellany

OK.  First of all.  WHY has no one asked me to buy GirlScout cookies this year?? Isn't it time?  Did I miss it?  If you know a Girl Scout, would you please send her to my door?  thank you.

Nate has completed his first lactose-free milk week.  Wow.  What a difference a week makes.  He drank regular milk for lunch at school one day as an experiment and felt lousy all through algebra!  (we got the note from the doc so he can get the good stuff at school now)  He feels better.  His appetite is better.  What a simple happy thing.

Alex has been enjoying the company of his teachers a little more than usual this week - he has started a schedule of staying after 4 days a week.  Though he is a "pleasure to have in class," his grades do not currently reflect his academic capabilities.  So.  A little more attention to the assignment book at school & at home and a little more (ok, a LOT more) organization through the rest of the year.  AND his mama may have found The Cello Teacher for Alex.  A student at MSUM - I enjoyed visiting with him on the phone very much.  They are getting together next Tuesday evening to "see if they like each other."  Keep your fingers crossed!!  May the stars align!

Jamie continue to enjoy her Advanced Art class.  One of her watercolor pieces is currently on display at the school.  That's kinda cool!  We're celebrating her 18th birthday this weekend.  So far IHOP after church on Sunday and cards in the afternoon.  Alex thinks we should bowl a little Sunday evening when we drop Kathryn off for work so we'll see how things develop.  Jamie also got her Official Email Notification from Tay that she is hired to work at Pine Haven this summer.  She will be working 3/4 time with the "indoor team" and 1/4 time with the "outdoor team."  She's pleased with the arrangement and really feels that this is where she needs to be this summer.  We're so excited for her - and waiting to see what will be!

Marissa has pretty much completed her move to a one-bedroom "solo" apartment.  Jeff helped her some with cleaning and painting this week to finish up - the former roommates pretty much missed out on all that fun.  ;-7  Kathryn's new roommates are moved in - they hardly saw each other the first week.  They've spent some time "hanging out" now and seem to enjoy each other.  I think Kathryn would like to get her own place this summer when the lease is up - but the apartment is SO close to campus and she's planning to go back to school in the Fall.  Hard to let it go.

Jamie & Ashlee have been txting some possibilities back and forth for summer visits.  Ashlee would really like to come from Texas for Jamie's graduation but school won't be quite over for her and she would need to re-arrange some finals.  We're also looking at visit possibilities in August.  Can't wait to get her back here for awhile.

Jeff blogged earlier this week about the Oscar nominations.  We DO like to watch movies - but he's the King when it comes to the actors and directors and plots and other such trivia.  Poor guy often has to remind me whether or not I've ever seen a movie - I must sleep through more than I realize!  One I DO remember is my favorite for this year - UP.  We got it from Netflix to watch with the kids again this weekend.  Seriously - I believe this movie has the best opening 10 minutes of any movie I've ever seen anywhere.  So, so sweet - so touching.  I don't know who else in my row was crying, but I was deeply moved and heard plenty of sniffing around the theater.  If you haven't yet, do.

I worked on a blog entry this week on the subject "to ASK or not to ASK."  You know, the question about the elephant in the room.  The question so obvious, but so hard to ask?  Should I?  Shouldn't I?  Maybe it's none of my business.  

I asked Jeff to take a look at it before posting.  He thought maybe I was starting work on a book!  :-)  Guess THAT one needs a little editing.  Here's the thumbnail.  As long as you're talking to right person:  ASK.   Then Accept (what you hear), Say (what you think), and Keep (it to yourself).   Don't know if I was born to be a teacher or have just been hanging out with preachers too long - the acronym just came to me.  And that may be the last you see of that idea! 

Have an excellent weekend.  Stay warm & be cool.


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