jeff's jottings

This page will be the place where Jeff's blogs will reside.  Though this page's plethora of postings could encompass various random yet hopefully quasi coherent thoughts, most postings will be geared towards the arts:  media and written for the most part.

And lest one think this will be a cultured and erudite look at movies, television, and books well . . . . think again!   I'm a guy and I write from a guy's point of view.  If you want pretentious blow-hole commentary about artistic endeavors then go to NPR or some other self-important and snooty website for that drivel.  (And it's not that I can't or don't appreciate artistic endeavors, it's just I feel there are TOO many people out there trying to puff themselves up with overdone ramblings of why certain things are great. works. of ART! and if lo and behold ANYone should question whether some artsy fartsy film or literary tomb is anything but "Brilliant!" and agree with critics and other so called experts then that questioner just HAS to be an uncultured buffoon.  Meh.  I say everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you don't have to agree with me nor I with you and it doesn't mean either one of us are terrible people.

So with all that said you will find various postings on 1800 Centre Square that will eventually be grouped and linked from this page in a somewhat cohesive manner.

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