Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wordless wednesday: cleanup week find!

Only Alex could come home from school with an electric mower complete with "works perfectly" sign & mint condition owner's manual!  A neighbor down the street had just put it out on the birm for "clean up week."  

He even came out to give Alex an impromptu lesson on electric mower charging and operation.  He said there is nothing wrong with it - they just bought a new one and didn't need this one anymore!  What a perfect find for the boy who struggled with our old gas-powered mower all last summer.

"Clean-Up Week" is one of our favorite times of the Moorhead-Fargo calendar year - my boys are always inspired to do a little more "just riding around" on their bikes in early May.  But I worry most about Alex.  He pretty much always shifts my junk balance back to neutral with the stuff he brings home and has been known to regularly bring stuff back in from our own curb.  I slowed my average driving speed significantly this year for fear he would give himself whiplash watching for treasures between home, church, school and store.

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