Monday, May 3, 2010

monday memory: reading

What a sweet privilege to have taught my children to read and love reading.  I have photos and pictures in my mind of them reading at all ages - to themselves and to each other.  I have pictures of people I love who love them reading to them - one at a time and all piled up together on the couch. 

I'm so proud of how smart they are!  Each of their literary abilities and accomplishments far exceed my own.  They are each their own kind of writer.  I'm astounded at the number of poems this household has already produced. Stories, letters and journal entries abound.

My mom and the bookmobile taught me to read and love reading.  I don't remember not being able to read.  A full bookshelf is one of the most pleasant sights in the world.  I hope to never get see the end of the stack by my bed.  I have few memories stronger from my childhood than lazy afternoon sunshine falling on the page of a book.    

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  1. Love it! And thanks for the reminder to do a Monday Memory……