Monday, May 17, 2010

weekEnd and menu monday

I think I've been behind on blog posts this (last) week since I posted my Wordless Wednesday picture on Thursday and didn't realize it till Friday!!

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!  Last week was good for employment in our family.  Kathryn now has TWO (2) jobs - one at Strategic Fundraising.  She's raising money for the Republican Party which is both funny and hopeful for some members of our family given her usual political tendencies!  ;-)   Ashlee also got a summer job last week - so congratulations to both our girls!

AP Tests are over for the year.  Yay!  Nate had a rainy, rainy day for his AP US History Exam - which was pretty darn grueling.  Tough way to start your AP career.  Jamie sat for three exams this year, which I believe is a new family record.

It was soooo rainy and cool most of last week that by the end of the week we were ecstatic to see sunshine and temps in the 70's - FINALLY!!  Oh, we all have such spring fever now.  I bought plants for the flower bed on Mother's Day more than a week ago now and they're still not in the ground.  We're not officially frost-free until Memorial Day weekend, but most people are ready to chance it now.  Nate pulled all the dandelions out over the weekend so I'm ready to go.  It took Alex awhile to mow the lawn - his "new" electric mower had a hard time with the very long grass.  He could only take a couple passes at a time in the backyard before he had to empty the bag.  I thought we might have to bale it!  

The boys were busy outside over the weekend - they washed Jamie's (very dirty!) car as well.  Nate's waiting for Jamie to leave for camp to take over and clean out the inside of the car.  I think he's afraid she'll be in such shock she won't be able to drive properly.  Nate got some more practice driving Saturday - picking Kathryn & her laundry up for a visit and taking me to the banks for deposits.  He's going to be a good driver.  Alex rode along with us to stop up at Kathryn's to see her new kitty.  "Pumpkin" has beautiful green eyes and just three legs!  He's so cute and cuddly.  If I liked cats, he would be the one.

We celebrated Jeff's birthday yesterday - with a new quiche recipe (Broccoli & Cheddar - below), Iron Man 2 at the Fargo Theatre and a delicious Triple Chocolate cake from Hornbachers.  I would have made him a rhubarb cobbler, but it didn't have any chocolate in it so that just would not do at all.  What was I thinking??!  Look for an Iron Man 2 review from Jeff this week - in short, we all liked it.  It was a good thing Jamie kept asking me to pass the Milkduds though - my Sunday afternoon nap is a hard habit to break!  We got a little intermission in the middle when SOMETHING happened to the projector that had to be straightened out - the theater treated everyone to a soda or popcorn - nice! Be sure to check out Jeff's summer movie preview.  

I think Jeff liked his gifts.  I had my friend, Marty, make this custom puzzle pen for him.  So nice.  It didn't end up really being a surprise as the pen arrived from California sooner than I expected, Jeff accepted the package and I didn't hide my surprise quickly enough!  *snort!*  We also got him a pair of reading glasses that fold up to fit in a case the size of a large lighter.  We gave him these babies before church so he wouldn't have to pick up the large-print version of the bulletin!  hee.

Favorites for the Week:

  • The Real Simple website, and particularly the Real Simple Daily Thought Newsletter delivered by email.  
  • And another daily email, even as I UNsubscribed to MANY in the last week, I love Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac daily email.  You can also click through to listen to the daily radio program (the email is the program transcript).
  • New recipe:  Cheddar & Broccoli Quiche (below) - so light and delicious. We served with fresh fruit and cinnamon toast. And a surprise that 4 of 5 of us liked it.  Jamie & Alex didn't know they liked quiche. Not Nate's favorite thing.  

2 frozen pie crusts
10 eggs (1 t salt)
1 pint whipping cream
1 16oz bag frozen broccoli florets, steamed
8 oz shredded cheddar cheese

Steam broccoli until just tender. Drain. In blender,
blend eggs, salt and cream. Divide broccoli and cheese
in both crusts. Pour half of egg mixture in each crust.
Bake @ 350o for 1 hour or until done.

*notes:  I will probably use fresh broccoli next time - I don't like the amount of stems in most frozen bags.  And I didn't use the full 16 oz.  Also, for our family of 5, I will likely cut this recipe in half and just make one next time.  We did finish all of one, though - so two will be nice for company.  (Do you like quiche, dad??)

On The Menu for this week:  Sour Cream Pork Chops, Mushroom Pot Roast, BBQ Quesadillas, Freschetta Pizza Night & Jeff's Unfried Chicken.
Just a day less than three weeks left in school for this year.  Then graduation for Jamie and summer break for the boys!  Alex picked up his application card to be a pollinator for Pioneer last week and Nate sent his card expressing his intent to return this summer so hopefully everyone will be working for at least part of the vacation.

Our weeks remain full and happy. Wish the same for you.  Write when you can.  We think of you often and wish we could be near everyone we hold dear all the same time this side of heaven!

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