Friday, May 14, 2010

Dancing With The Stars S10 Week 8 Quickcap

DWTS Season 10 is closing in on the finale as Week 8 finished this past week. TWO dances were required from the remaining celebrity contenders and while some were able to step up to the challenge, others not so much.

Nicole and Evan still remain the top of the leader board, performing well and dominating the scores, with Erin closing in on them. Chad Ocho received the red light joining Niecy Nash in the bottom two and at the end of week 8 it was Niecy "Jiggly Parts" Nash who given the tap on the shoulder and asked to leave the dance floor. And yes, it was time.

The stand out performance was Nicole and Derick's 50's style Paso Doble which TOTALLY rocked! The next really nice performance was Erin and Maks' 80's Tango.

My prediction is that it will come down to Nicole, Evan, and hopefully Erin in the final three. I think Chad has gone as far as he can go in this competition and should go next.

Despite his somewhat chilly demeanor and his struggle with several of the Latin dances, I think Evan is a strong contender to win this season's DWTS. The audience LOVES their Olympians, especially the ones who win a GOLD. Honestly? I think Nicole is the better dancer and that Evan platued after week 6 so it should be interesting the next two weeks. Does Nicole "Pussycat Doll" have the fan base to get her the mirror ball trophy? Will Evan "The Iceman" pull off winning the glittery ball? Or will ESPN Erin be the surprise victor? (No, she won't. Third place is her best. Just sayin')

Stay tuned to ABC on Monday and Tuesday nights to see all the dancing drama as it unfolds.

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