Friday, May 7, 2010

weekEnd review

"How does your garden grow?"  Like crazy is how.  Like crazy!  

And sometimes in spite of the weather.  Cool and rainy most of this week.  Even a little snow in the forecast for today, but I think someone was just dreaming - I haven't seen any.  Yet.  The rhubarb is up and going crazy in the backyard.  The flowering trees are TRYING to do their thing.  Just one sunny day - that's all they want.  My flower garden is looking so good - weeds and all.  Can't wait to really get out there. I got new gloves this week - they're SO cool.  And finally, the grass - too wet to cut - will need to be baled!  

Speaking of which, Alex can hardly wait to get out there and try out the new electric mower he brought home this week.  I know I haven't found all the "treasures" that made their way into the house this week.  But I'm counting the number of "clean-up weeks" I have left with kids in the house and it seems manageable.  ;-)

Jamie & Nate had their first AP Tests at Concordia this week.  Nate is taking the AP US History test even as I type - its purported to be the hardest AP test ever in the history of the tests.  At least that's what his sisters tell him.  Jamie took AP Lit yesterday and has two more scheduled for next week.  (Advanced Placement students have the option to take these tests after completing the corresponding high school coursework - certain scores will earn them some college credit for their work.  Even taking the classes with good grades is helpful to have on your high school transcripts.)

Kathryn has been job searching like crazy with her snack bar stint coming to an end.  Did you know some bowling alley jobs are "seasonal" with the league play?  I didn't know that.  The applications are starting to yield some interviews for her - she has one job offer and another interview today.  Strategic Fundraising offered her a position fundraising for the Republican Party!  Today's interview is with a fitness center - at the front desk or in childcare.  

This week's favorites:

  • TV timewasters:  ABC's Dancing with the Stars - what an exciting show this week!!  I love to live through those stars & dancers!   AND  Fox's Glee!  Oh my goodness, how Jeff & I love this show and all the songs we grew up with updated and sung by "teenagers."  What a fun show!  (btw - we watch almost no TV live - we watch most shows online on our own schedule, which also means we're almost always behind the "news!")
  • Amy Grant's "Somewhere Down the Road" CD.  I rarely buy music, but I downloaded this entire album this week and have really been enjoying it. This song (and video on Tangle) - "Better than a Hallelujah" - really caught my attention and heart and led me to the rest of the album.   I even posted the lyrics on Facebook.  I also especially like "Oh How the Years Go By," "Overnight," and "Unafraid."  She also updated "Arms of Love" which is one of my Amy favorites anyway.  AND she did her own version of "I Can Only Imagine" with "Sing the Wondrous Love of Jesus" which got me in spite of myself. 
  • London Broil from our E-Mealz menu for the week.  Oh it was a yummy dinner with potatoes and peas.  SEVEN new recipes are WAY too many so we're "banking" about half for later.  Nice that the shopping list is so easy to adjust!  And of course, Jeff's Skillet Lasagna remains at the top of our list for favorite dinners.  ;-)
 I don't know WHO scheduled all the appointments for the kids in ONE WEEK, but don't be doing that to me again, please.  We had six (6!) doctor, ortho, etc appointments this week.  We made it to everything pretty much on time, but it was a little crazy-making.  I am SO glad to be working from home!!

I look at my family garden at least a couple times every week now and realize just how it's grown!  The young adults are out-numbering us and numbering our days with "kids" at home.  I'm so proud of how they're growing - mostly in spite of me and the weather.  What a privilege to have them.  

How is your garden growing, dear friends?  We send our love and affection and care for you in thoughts and prayers every day.


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