Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer Sizzle or Drizzle? The Prequel: May Movie Lineup

I picked up the Summer Movie Preview Issue of Entertainment Weekly the other day to peruse and see what Blockbusters, Sleepers, and Duds would be gracing the silver screens this summer. The following is a quick rundown with comments on some of the upcoming summer film fair for feasting that you may or may not want to check out:

Summer kicks off early with these releases:


Iron Man 2 -
Sure to be a HUGELY attended movie since its the follow-up to the mega popular Iron Man starring Robert Downey, Jr. Previews looked chock full of some great action sequences and FX so it should be worth seeing. Just remember this is an ACTION flick and plot/ storyline is always secondary and not essential for the movie to do well. Sequels have notoriously not been up to the high standards of the original, but can still be good. Besides, Samuel L. Jackson is playing Nick Fury and Mickey Rorke is playing Whiplash so Yeah, Baby!! (Um, did I mention Samuel L. Jackson?)

Robin Hood - Russel Crowe takes on the legendary Sherwood Forest Badboy himself with Cate Blanchett playing Lady Marion. This has the possibility of being a good retelling of the classic tale but will have to do well to win me over as I think Kevin Costner's rendition of the role has thus far been my favorite. Still, Russell Crowe was a gritty gladiator so he could bring some real character to the Hood.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Hmm. This film is based on a popular 2003 video game which I never played so whatever. Actually, Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the action hero lead and IF there's a decent storyline then with all the expected FX this fantasy adventure is sure to have this movie could be decent. Only time will tell . . .


MacGruber - Based on a SNL sketch lampooning one of my all time favorite TV shows, MacGyver, this could be really funny or painfully awful. Since I've never seen the SNL sketches this film is based upon I have no opinion except GOOD parody is supposed to be the highest form of flattery so let's hope this one is a very flattering.


Sex and the City 2 - The girls are back! The girls are back in TOWWWN! Well, actually their hitting the road to the Middle East and I'm sure ladies everywhere will support Carrie and company no matter what antics they get into. (And yes, I will be a supportive hubby and take Lori to see it. Sigh. The things we do for love.)

Letters to Juliet - This is SUCH the chick flick. I mean, love letters, set in Italy, reuniting long lost lovers, need I say more? (I REALLY don't think I'll be going with Lori to this one. Either Jamie will go with her or we'll see it on dvd.

Just Wright - Queen Latifah in a romantic comedy. Hey, remember when she used to be a street cred rapper? Yeah, neither do I. Anyway, some plot line about Latifah as a physical therapist having to rehab some hunky sports star blah, blah, blah. Don't see this one doing much to rehabilitate Queen Latifah's ailing movie career any.


Shrek Forever After - Let's see . . . this makes it the what? The FOURTH installment in this series?! Oh grrr. Well, its back to Ever After and though I thought the first one was THE best it could be a fun piece of animated entertainment.


Solitary Man, Mother and Child, Holly Rollers, and Babies are among some of the Off the Center of Blockbuster but some could be surprise hits so don't count them all out.

Be sure to check back for the June Summer Movie Preview Post.

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