Monday, November 2, 2009

kathryn's birthday

She was so tiny.  And so sweet.  And such a joy I never new I was missing! 

Kathryn Lynn came to us in the very early morning November 2, 1989.  She was so little - just 5 1/2 pounds but so healthy and alert! I didn't believe in love at first sight until I saw Kathryn...

We missed all of Halloween waiting for Kathryn to come.  We learned all about hospitals and doctors and early labor decision-making waiting for Kathryn to come.  (enough to get us through 3 more pregnancies and births!) 

In the end she kept her waiting parent up all night for her arrival.  (a sign of things to come!)  And when she came, with the morning light - we saw the first new snow of the season on the rooftops.  Watching Kathryn has often reminded me of that first feeling of new light, a new day, so full of wonder and hope.

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