Monday, November 9, 2009


At this time a year ago we were on about the fourth day of gray rain, wind, cold and even a little snow.  The fourth day of watching and waiting and wondering.  It seemed heaven cried with us.

This year it's suddenly unusually warm, pleasant even.  Frost patterned car roofs and painted leaves by morning.  Blue skies and sunshine by day.  Moonlight by night.  Peace.

Nature's relentless, redeeming hope shines through our shadows of heartache and grief.  Laughter and tears together. 

Nate proposed a really good plan for tomorrow.  No school for kids.  No work for mom.  Sleep in.  Quiet morning.  Lunch out together.  Shop for basket & stuff to fill it.  Visit Innovis critical care unit and leave the basket for someone there who needs it.  He has Good memories of the hospital - being surrounded by love and care and concern - being provided for in so many ways. 

Amazing Grace. 

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  1. I just found your blog .... and I love it. Love the stories of your kids, the photographed memories and the way you've been able to move forward. I suspect that kids help with that, or maybe that's just a convenient excuse for staying stuck. This post made me cry - and I'm at work - sitting at the front desk with the UPS man walking in, seeing my tears and asking if I'm OK. "I'm OK. Just missing a friend who used to walk through these doors and brighten all of our days."