Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching Up!

This looks like Alex unloading his backpack!  Seriously.

Makeup homework has been the story of our life these last few weeks.  Jamie was sick (flu? maybe.) for a week and then went to New Orleans with the Habitat for Humanity trip for another week.  She decided to give up on Trig altogether as she already felt like she was hanging on by her fingernails in that class!  (her mom would have given up before she started!!)  But she's ALMOST caught up in everything else.  Alex is caught up in everything but Algebra (I'm sensing a theme).  Nate only has one more assignment for French and then he's back up to speed.  I feel REALLY sorry for the poor teachers who have to keep track of all these missing students and assignments.

Jamie had a GREAT trip to New Orleans.  (same trip Phil went on 2 years ago)  With all the homework drama, I haven't seen any pictures yet!  She worked hard and ate alot of new foods (stuffed crab, alligator, beignets...)  The President even came by to check her work at the Habitat site.  They spent one day working at a Fire Station - she brought home a really cool certificate of appreciation and NOFD T Shirt.  She even brought awesome gifts home for everyone! 

Nate finished the classroom part of driver's ed and is ready to enroll in behind-the-wheel training and take his permit test!  I can't believe we're just a few short months away from another driver in our family.

Kathryn is coming home from Denver today in the snow!  It started yesterday and dumped at least a foot on the ground which delayed her flight, but last I heard she and her guitar were on board and ready to roll.

Alex joined the "Knowledge Bowl" team at Horizon this fall.  He's an 8th grader so gets to be a team captain.  In his usual style, his team took 1st place in their first meet.  They have two more "away" meets coming up in November.

My Mary Kay business is going well, keeping me busy and never dull!  I'm meeting alot of fun women and even had my first "team member" join me this month.  I feel so fortunate to be able to continue to be at home with the kids.

Jeff needed a project today so he tackled the office - cleaned off and organized all the shelves and took us a long way towards the Study Room we want out there.  I'm going to miss his projects when he goes to school!!  He's still targeting January for that.  We expect him to have not one, but two job offers come in this week - so he'll get to take his pick of part-time employment opportunities.  Yay!

Our bathroom project has taken a leap forward - the old tub/shower is OUT, the new tub/shower and awesome fixtures are IN.  The drywall guys come tomorrow to clean up - and work on the dining room ceiling where the water leaked through.  This project should wrap up for now by next Monday.  And we have a BUNCH of big plans for phase two. 

It's been a gray, rainy October - seems like we could count the total sunshine in just minutes or hours at a time this year.  We're expecting snow by tomorrow to take us out of the month.  Hard to believe November is almost here.  I like Kathryn's facebook status today:   *click*  *save october*

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