Friday, November 20, 2009

the WeekendEnd

can you BELIEVE it's already the weekend before Thanksgiving??  Ive been thinking alot about Thanksgiving this year.  What it means.  What it is.  How we celebrate.  We were reflecting together in family counseling last night about how life can continue to be good  is so many very imporant ways even as we experience great difficulty and adversity.  And by those things we grow and change and become even more who we are.

I love this time of year.  I am learning more and more about being thankful and saying thank you.

Jamie got her ACT scores for the Fall.  She was very please to earn at 36 (perfect) score on the English section.  Alex received an invitation to take the ACT early - this February or March I believe as part of a talented search.  He's pretty excited to get to compare to his sisters early!   Nate will be randomly checked on his performance on his weekly paper route.  Shouldn't be a problem - he does and awsome job and is the height of efficientcy!  Great mom and son time on Wednesday afternoons.

Looking for a cello instructor for Alex - with the regular 8th grade orchestra and the special Fm Youth Symphony he has more challenging music that usual so we're going to add a little help for him.  He sounds so good and seems to enjoy the groups.

I'm working on generating some holiday sales through Mary Kay - I have some goals I would like to meet before mid-december!  I'm excited to see if I can get there!  And I'm having so much much friends making and meeting new friends!

NEXT WEEK:  the plan is for the kids (Jamie, Nate, Alex) to drive the Regal down to Minneapolis on Wednesday witn Kathryn and Christian nearby in his van.  They'll work together to get everyone where they need to be when.  Jamie , Nate and Alex will be helping out at an Operation Christmas Child processing center Wednesday night.  Thanksgiving Dinner with the Millers Thursday.  Hanging out and maybe shopping Friday.  Home Saturday morning to catch up on homework!   We'll celebrate Alex's 14 birthday dinner on Saturday.  Yay!

I'm so thankful for the good people and friends I have in my life this year.  And thank ful for a weekend to think about it and enjoy them so much.

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