Friday, November 13, 2009

A Senior Moment for Jamie

Jamie took her ACT exam for the 2nd time this fall.  Her scores in the Spring were very good but she wanted to try again to see if she could improve - and boy did she!!

Jamie scored a PERFECT 36 on the English section!!  Yay!!  Congrats, Jamie!

English went from a 30, to the Perfect 36.  Reading improved from 30 to 34.  Science went up one from 24 to 25.  Math even came up from 17 to 21!! 

Her composite is a fabulous 29 (up from 25)!! 

She went online this week to get the scores early and she's so excited by the improvement.  She came home from the test and said she thought she aced it - I really thought she just meant she did well - not that she LITERALLY aced it!  Wow.  We'll celebrate as soon as she feels like getting out of bed!

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  1. That is fantastic! Jesse also took it for the 2nd time this fall and got a 29, up 2 points. 29 seems to be the magic number; worlds of scholarships open up there! He has applied for colleges now and is anxiously awaiting to hear of acceptance--and, more importantly, scholarships!!