Friday, November 6, 2009


Fall has finally arrived - the kind I like anyway.  We've had several days in a row of sunshine and temps above 50!  w00t.   The sunshine has been a welcome relief from the endless days of gray and drizzle we had in October.

Kathryn came home from Denver last week - leaving more than a foot of snow behind there!  We celebrated her birthday on Sunday.  Don't know how she can be 20 so soon - she was just 2 not long ago.  She's off again already - to Minneapolis this weekend with Christian to celebrate his sister's house warming.  She's job hunting this month and getting used to being back in Moorhead.

Jamie's last first concert of the year was last night.  The "masquerade" theme was alot of fun.  She received notification of her first scholarship today!  The Presidential Scholarship at Northwestern College in recognition of her academic achievements.  More than $5000!   She took the ACT last month - just waiting for the new scores.  We still need to visit MSUM here in town. 

Nate is still working on gaining weight (oh, how I wish I were so afflicted!!).  We all participated in a weigh-in last Saturday.  He's up at least 5 pounds - but Alex is keeping up with him!  We'll weigh again on the 15th.  With the time change, his Wednesday afternoon paper route has become a race with the sun.  He finished in very long shadows this week.  I'm pretty sure he has that route down to the most efficient possible plan. 

Alex is still enjoying Youth Symphony on Sunday afternoons.  It's a good thing I set an alarm on my phone - we don't seem to be able to remember it otherwise!  His next Knowledge Bowl Meet is Monday in Fergus Falls.  His team won 1st place at the Moorhead Meet.  The last meet is November 16.  He is almost never without his graphing calculator.  He "needed" it for algebra 2 (how did we get along without these??  yes.  I'm Old.)  He's not figured out how to play games on this thing, but how to program his own AND make the thing play music.  Not sure how much Algebra is getting done, but he's having fun with the "tool."

Jeff started training with Minnesota Relay this week (2 weeks, 5 evenings each).  They provide telephone assistance for the deaf and hard of hearing.  Still hoping things come together to start school at least part time in January.  We're pulling our plans together for a January 2 wedding with all our kids.  I have my hair appointment.  :-)  We have a nice place reserved for dinner.  We have a line on a judge to officiate.  Just need the location for the actual ceremony!! 

It's hard to believe it's November already.  Time seems to pass faster and faster.  Soon the year will be over and another beginning.  Until then, we give thanks for all we have and people to love us.

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