Thursday, November 5, 2009

Masquerade! Jamie's Last First Concert

The Annual Cookie Concert at the high school is so fun!  The 9th grade orchestra, the Concert orchestra, the Symphony orchestra (jamie's!), the Chamber orchestra and the Apollo Strings all play - which is apparently why they have cookies to sustain us through the hour and 15 minutes!

This year's theme was "Masquerade."  Jamie made her own mask - isn't it cool??  Each orchestra played 3 pieces and then they ALL played "Orpheus" together at the end.  That's something close to 200 string players all at once. 

Kathryn & Christian came for supper (they're easy to lure in with free food!) before and then to the concert.  Nate stayed home sick and Jeff had to work.  We ended up with three extra tickets - I tried to get Christian and Alex to load up on cookies at the end since I felt we were really entitled to a dozen cookies but they are polite boys and only took 3. 

Mr Larson gets pretty attached to his students - I was pleased to hear him announce that the seniors are just not going to graduate this year.  We're not ready for Jamie to be done yet!

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