Thursday, March 11, 2010

view outside my front door

these are gray, gray, melty days.  the roads and sidewalks were completely covered with ice and snow and more ice and snow most of the winter around here.

even on the darker, drizzlier days - we are encouraged by the melting snow sculptures to begin to look for signs of spring.

the still bare trees reflected in icy puddle at the end of our driveway

still an awful lot of snow hanging around the driveway and parking lots and piled up by the side of the roads. we're still peeking around the corner at intersections before we pull out - just in case

but just LOOK at that awesome driveway!  we haven't seen the concrete since, oh, sometime in early december.  there are at least 2 inches of solid ice & snow up by the doorway.  we chopped some and left some to the sun and then chopped some more

are we just about done with these for the season?? that's a real confidence about spring...when we move these inside the garage and then eventually to the back of the garage onto their hooks to rest for the summer

still, this is one of my most favorite early signs of spring.  the grass appearing around the base of trees.  i love the sight of grass - even the gray, brown kind - in my yard!

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