Sunday, March 14, 2010

Symphony Trip

Yes, my mother did, in fact, get me to write my own post. The symphony trip to the cities was a complete success, even though we didn't play. For the first time in 30+ years, Mr. Larson told his orchestra that their instruments were not necessary for their trip, and was met with thunderous applause.
We left during school on Thursday and saw Footloose at the Chanhassen that same evening. The food was delicious, and the performance superb. I had only seen part of the movie before this, so it was a novel experience for me. The actors and actresses were fabulous, and the script itself delightful. Friday was the day we were supposed to perform at an area high school, but since they had no room for us we were forced to spend an extra two hours at the Mall of America. We took our punishment as gracefully as we possibly could. ;) Before this, we went to the Young People's Concert at Orchestra Hall. It was a great show, with young musicians showcased throughout the hour. They played Flight of the Bumblebee, Bydio/Promenade and Ballet of Chicks in Their Shells, Moderato, selections from Swan Lake, and Carnival of the Animals (intro and royal march of the lion, hens and roosters, horses of the tartary, tortoises, elephant, kangaroos, people with long ears, cuckoo in the depths of the forest, aviary, pianists, fossils, swan, and finale) with stuffed or plastic animals to represent the different movements. Starting with Swan Lake, ballerinas from the Minnesota Dance Theatre danced as yet another representation of each different animal. It was a wonderful performance and I loved watching their graceful and powerful movements across the stage, but the the best part came at the end, with two little girls and their hula hoops. They did amazing things, dancing with these hoops and their insanely flexible bodies, jumping, twirling, posing, and throwing their hoops. It was an entrancing performance.
At the end of the day on Friday, we went to the evening concert by Rajaton. It was such an exceptional performance! I sat in awe, and apparently everyone else agreed with me, because we made those poor Finns give us two encore songs. They had humorous things to say between certain songs, and I don't know if it was just the wonderful music hall or not, but their voices seemed to originate in heaven. Their last song, a hymn, had me in tears. I have to look up their music and get some for my iPod...when I finally purchase one. Yes, I was thoroughly impressed.
Then Saturday was the bus ride home. I was amazed the amount of snow that had melted in the intervening three days! When I left it covered everything, but I came home to green grass! I am so happy that spring is finally here, though it would be helpful if it would come in a little more slowly. We will all need to go help sandbag during spring break!

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