Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Miscellany

...and I was doing so well keeping up with my blogging in February!  Here's a round up of what's been happening and what's coming up all in one.

I met with the Tax Man last week.  Phil was always so proud of doing his own taxes all those years.  And he did an awesome job.  Not me, friends.  Last year I immediately went out and found me a tax man.  I do not have to be good at everything.  I think might be in love with my tax man.  He just takes that big old stack o paper, sorts in all out in record time and typity-tap-tap!  He answers all my questions with authority and offers a little record-keeping advice which I write in my little planner. And BING! I get a email a few days later to come on in and sign my return.  I only had a moment of consternation this year when he glances across the desk and says, "I'm surprised anybody uses those paper planners anymore."  hmph.

We celebrated Jamie's birthday a week ago Sunday.  If you haven't seen the pics - click here!  We think she's pretty much the most photogenic in our family.  Her symphony takes off for the Twin Cities Thursday afternoon - they will see "Footloose" at Chanhassen Thursday evening.  Friday they will attend the "Young People's Concert" in the morning and Rajaton (a Finnish vocal ensemble) in the evening - both at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. They will be performing an exchange concert with Eden Prairie High School & visiting the MOA in the afternoon.  They'll be home midday on Saturday. 

Nate had an ortho appt Thursday - everything looks good and they scheduled him for two very exciting appointments in late April and early May to put on the rest of his braces.  And we didn't even know he was missing any!  We have been waiting for some of the ice to melt off the streets to practice driving - warmer temps for the last week have finally made that start happening.  Nate and I went out today - he's going to be a great driver.  I hardly gripped the doorframe at all!

Kathryn came over for supper and cards Saturday night.  We had a really good time hanging out in the kitchen.  The girls & I played and talked on our own awhile while the boys battled it out on the XBox in the basement.  Then Jeff joined us and the card game got serious.  (yes.  he still kills us!)  Kathryn and her new roommates, Steve and Hannah, still seem to be getting along well.  Marissa is all moved into her new apartment and went snowboarding over the weekend.  She seems to like her roommate independence.  

 I think we found a cello teacher for Alex.  We went to meet him Friday afternoon - I thought it was just a "meet and greet" kind of thing.  But he really put Alex through his paces - he pretty much gave him a full 45 minute lesson!  We'll likely start in the next week or so - I think he'll really help Alex take his playing to the next level.  Alex had his first paying gig Sunday afternoon - the Youth Symphony played at the Plains Art Museum and they gave each of the kids a $5 Starbucks card!  He discovered he likes the Caramel Latte on ice after school today.  His school orchestra found out this week that they have earned a trip to play in Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis - they play March 22.

Jeff & I went to the Fargo Film Festival Saturday afternoon.  We saw two documentaries:  "A Cruel Wind Blows" (about 40 years of Soviet nuclear testing in Kazachstan) and "Under Our Skin" (about Lyme disease).  "Cruel Wind" won honorable mention.  A producer was present and took questions afterward - that was really interesting.  "Under Our Skin" won best documentary - it was on the initial list for the Oscars, but didn't make the final five.  It was pretty scary - and personal, as I had a positive Lyme test several years ago and one specialist believes it was/is the root of all my health issues.  This was the 10th festival in Fargo - and my first - but definitely not the last.  We're already looking forward to next year.  

Alex came splashing home from school last week wondering if this is spring. This is the time of year we wonder - there are still astonishingly big piles of snow around, but it's melting.  Our temps have been in the 20s and 30s during the day - just barely freezing up at night.  We want to hope - but we know we could still get more cold & snow before the month is up.  And it looks like we've got pretty good potential for record flooding on the Red River again this year.  ah, spring.

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