Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Menu Planning and The Week Ahead

So I got inspired by the vast and rich blogging world to make yet another attempt to tame the meal planning, shopping, cooking plan.  We're starting with our favorites and adding in from there.  Get your own Monday Menu Planning ideas and nifty form(s) at I'm An Organizing Junkie.  

MONDAY:  Frozen bag of Dinner from WalMart.  Chicken, sauce and pasta all in one bag.  I thought it would be a skillet dinner, but it was all microwaved - in one bowl.  A masterpiece in 10 minutes.  I added rolls and veggies and it was family dinner for mom and kids.  We even did an acceptable job getting the kitchen cleaned up before Jeff came home from work at 9:30.  I LOVE having supper with my kids.  I love still having us all in the same room at the same time for the same reason - each contributing to meal and conversation and debate and more food and cleaning up and sharing.  

The boys have spring fever.  I had to pull them in from driveway basketball for supper and away from hitting golf balls across the college practice field next door for HOMEWORK.  (worst part of mom-ing ever.)

TUESDAY:  Tater Tot Hotdish.  Nothing new or fancy about this one and you get in trouble if you try at my house.  Hamburger.  Cream of Mushroom soup.  Arrange the Tater Tots carefully on top, maybe add a little cheese if you can work it in.  Bake it.  Eat it hot with veggies or salad for something green.

Nate's study group for his AP American History Test starts at 7:15 am today.  They will meet Tuesdays & Thursdays to prepare for the test in May.

Alex has his 1st cello lesson Tuesday at 5.  Probably I'll take him there, run home to put the hotdish in the oven and send Jamie to pick him up before I leave to be at our Mary Kary studio by 6 for our Tuesday night event!   

Jeff is working 5 - 9 Tuesday at the Relay - he has been picking up extra hours as he can and will have more hours in his regular schedule starting in May.  We're looking forward to seeing what his final schedule will look like.

WEDNESDAY:  Jeff will figure it out - probably leftover lovelies as the kids have supper at church on Wednesday nights (I think that's a smart thing the church does!) and I will be driving to Grand Forks with Karen to do several facials at an event we're putting on at the Holiday Inn Express there.  Hoping that goes well so I can do my special Happy made a goal dance when I get home.  [In my ideal week I would have 3 events with 9 - 12 women at each.  I would meet 3 people who would like to know more about being an MK consultant like me with whom I can have a cup of (shade-grown) coffee.  If I can do $300 in sales in the midst of all that, that would be truly Wonderful.]

Jamie picks up her graduation paraphernalia at school today!

THURSDAY:  Tuna Melts.  These are the most yummy thing to do with leftover Easter Eggs.  You dice up the hardboiled eggs, add tuna and then whatever you like to make a salad like tuna/egg salad with mayonaise or miracle whip or what you like. I like to add chunks of any kind of cheese that will melt into the sandwiches.   Put the filling in hamburger buns or any you like.  Wrap in foil and heat in oven at about 350 degrees for 20 - 25 minutes or until everything is hot and melty.

These are good with pickles and raw veggies and potato chips and whatever you have around that's delicious.

This one won't be a sit-down dinner either!  Jeff & I will be at Qdoba with friends and then I have ANOTHER MK Event at our Studio - A Chocolate Affair. I have guests scheduled all week and hope all my appointments hold and are fun!

FRIDAY:  we still need something quick and easy for Friday.  Maybe the pizza & salad standby.  Nobody ever complains about pizza.  How could they?  It's perfection on a cardboard tray.  We often schedule Friday food around watching a special TV show or movie together.  Sometimes the boys (including) Jeff get pretty involved in some video game!

SATURDAY:  White Bean Soup with Ham made with the ham hock from last sunday's Easter dinner!  yum!  Add some corn muffins.  This is one of our main sit-downs of the week - everybody sit down at the table - we're all going to eat and talk and visit and laugh and have fun together.  And then clean up together, too!   :-)  Sometimes Kathryn is free to join us.  We're looking forward to having Marissa here as well.

SUNDAY.  Well, with all this excellent monday menu planning, someone will surely think of something by sunday.  I'm thinking crockpot.  I'll keep you posted.  Or better yet.  Give me some suggestions.  

Alex has a dress rehearsal at 2 for a 4 pm Youth Symphony Spring Concert.  He is deciding whether or not he will audition for the High School Youth Symphony in May.  He will be working to prepare with his new teacher - they really play at a whole 'nother level in that group!   

I'm making a master list this week of dishes and meals we all enjoy - with the aim to leave room for some experimentation, creativity and healthier choices.  I think it's going to be fun. Send me your favorite suggestions if you think of it!!


  1. I feel so lost this week--I didn't do a menu! The week started out with Randy having lab meeting Monday night, Cub Scouts Tuesday evening, and leaving for meetings Wed-Saturday, so I was planning on mac and cheese all week. Ended up that he canceled lab meeting Monday night (thus, I improvised), came home early enough Tues. for supper before Scouts (improv 2), and decided not to leave until Thursday. I had to break down and go grocery shopping Wed!

  2. I haven't planned menus for SO long - I feel like an organizing GIANT this week - and I only planned out suppers and a side. I could ask Jamie to cook for tuesday when my day went sideways and I had everything she needed already out - of course, she did a marvelous job! And I can switch things up for tonight as Jeff & I will be gone and it's no big deal. I think Menu Planning Monday (or Sunday Night) is on it's way on the weekly To Dos! ;-D

  3. Jeff plans our family movie night and manages the Netflix queue to always have something here by Friday! It's awesome... this week is "To Kill A Mockingbird." I can't wait! The kids may be rolling their eyes at me since I insist on a little Gregory Peck at least once a year. It's my most favorite novel and I think the movie adaptation is excellent. Looking forward to Friday!!!