Monday, April 26, 2010

menu monday

So I started doing my own menu plans and shopping lists a couple weeks ago and while I was procrastinating around the interweb:  BAM!  I ran into E-MEALZ Easy Meals for Busy and Frugal Families.  Menu plans and shopping lists all ready for me each week for just $1.25 each.  Hmmmmm...

I believe it was a Sunday night and I was tired and probably cranky so "Sign me up, ma'am!!"  I chose the "Wal-Mart" lists for 4-6 people.  The shopping lists even include prices with an approximate total for each week.  We shopped yesterday afternoon and found the prices to be very, very accurate.  

As I'm reviewing the week and planning what we'll eat when I'm realizing that I will have to do a little modification as seven (7) meals is likely more than we'll really need for each week.  I usually plan to cook 4 or 5 times. And I'm a little overwhelmed with 7 new recipes although they are all pretty simple with quick and easy prep.  The shopping list has the recipe number listed beside each item so it would be very easy to just eliminate some recipes each week and still use the shopping list very effectively.  

I'm thinking it's probably not a "forever" solution for us since I'm such a control freak, but with Jamie's graduation ahead, Jeff's changing work schedule and my aggressive Mary Kay business goals for the next several months - this looks like a helpful tool for the feed-the-gang thing we have to do day in and day out.  

They also offer quite a variety of menu plans including couples menus, point-system plans, low-carb, vegetarian and many different specific store plans.  If you're interested, E-MEALZ Easy Meals for Busy and Frugal Families has a referral program and I get "credit" if you click through from a link on my blog.  (magic!)  

Let me know what you think - I'll post my first review of the recipes back here next Monday!



  1. Linky no worky. Man I have good English skills. Daniele does most of the cooking but I'd be interested in the link. I like new food ideas. Well, basically I like food.

  2. I hate it when the linkies no workies. How irritating! Thanks for the catch, Tony - I usually check them, but didn't this time! (should worky now.)