Wednesday, April 21, 2010

family update

(I've missed at least one update - sorry!)  We had a few gray days, cool, windy days early last week.  Then one morning rain and POW!  everything was GREEN!  We've had beautiful spring for many days in a row now.  Sunshine and blue skies and temps in the upper 60s and 70s.  The trees finally have small leaves.

Speaking of trees, a guy came by the other day out of nowhere and offered to estimate any yardwork I might need to have done.  Do you have any idea how much it would cost to take that Large-ish, ugly-ish evergreen that has so many dead limbs out of my front yard?  $950!  I had no idea.  If I want the stump removed (why would I want to keep it, I'm wondering???)  They'll take that one and the one from the corner of the house that a previous owner wanted to keep for some reason, for another $150.  Wow.  It's not really all that ugly...

Alex's cello teacher gave him the prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No 1 to learn for his high school youth symphony audition.  It is really cool to hear him play!  His teacher offered to work with him a couple of Saturdays before the audition (for no charge) so that he would feel more confident and prepared.  So nice.

The boys went with me to run a couple errands after a successful Mary Kay event last Saturday morning and we stopped by the DQ for cones.  Our family doctor, back in town after several years in Kenya, was in the parking lot.  Nate unfolded himself from the back of the van and was proud to stand about a head taller than Dr Deb!  He is taller than all the girls in our house and is outgrowing his jeans.  Again.  I noticed yesterday that Alex is taller again as well - he just seems to grow more slowly and steadily than Nate so we don't notice as much.  He's glad for every fraction of an inch!  Mia had her first doggie dish at the Moorhead DQ while were there - they do a little bowl of ice cream with a milk bone on top for our furry people.  She was in doggie heaven for about 30 seconds.

Ashlee passed her driver's test early last week and is on the road!  She was very excited.  Jeff and Marissa met for coffee last week - she is doing well.  Enjoying her new apartment - we thinks she likes living on her own.  She's been picking up some extra hours at Olive Garden to make a repair on her driver's side car window.  It's always something - but she's especially glad for our dry weather!

Jeff and I had a lovely dinner with friends out near Hawley and their son.  It doesn't seem possible that he will be graduating from college this spring.  He's grown into such a handsome and kind young man.  He visited with us over supper and played cards with us after.  They have a beautiful place in the country.  It was so nice to get out of the city for awhile.  When we left it was so dark out there - cool to really see the stars without so much light pollution.

Kathryn played the piano for worship at Salem last Sunday.  Her first time there.  She really enjoyed it and is pleased to be on the schedule to serve there regularly through this summer.  

I've had a nasty cold since about last weekend so I've been working with limited voice all week - but I'm too busy and having too much fun to be sick so I've been alternately running here and there and resting and it seems to be working out just fine!  So far no one else has caught it - we're hoping to end the school year strong.

Jeff begins a new schedule at work next week.  Due to a change in their scheduling software, he's on days only with longer hours at one time.  So he'll be working Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays as a regular schedule, picking up additional hours as they are available.  He is still planning to return to school in the fall, but he's looking into some options other than teaching as well.  Perhaps something in the healthcare field like physical therapy. Just exploring the options for the second half of the game.

We can hardly believe the end of April is in sight - then we turn the page to May and it's a rush downhill into summer!  We're looking forward to a visit from my parents at the end of May, early June for Jamie's graduation.  Let us know if your summer travels will bring you this way - we'd love to see you!!


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