Saturday, September 26, 2009

And A New Adventure for Lori

Wow!  My Mary Kay director, Karen, hosted the first Larson Area "Advance" (rather than a "retreat" :-) this weekend and it was so much fun.  I made some new really positive, really pink friends and I learned so much about my new business and myself.  They really planned a worthwhile couple of days for us!

I've used the Mary Kay skincare products for about 30 years (how is that even possible???)  Karen has been my Mary Kay BFF for the last 15 of them.  I finally switched over to the newest age-fighting "Timewise" set last month and I'm more thrilled than ever.  I can't even believe the difference in my skin - I'm pretty sure I look better at 40-something than I did at 30-something!

Call me if you need some extra special pampering - I need the practice and I'd love to see what you think about the latest skincare & color lines!  I ship for free & can even send you a "facial in a bag" if you're not here in the beautiful Red River Valley.  Check my personal Mary Kay Website for more info, ordering and even a Virtual Makeover! 

I'm having so much fun - and I'm really excited about this new adventure - I'd love to share it with you

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