Thursday, October 1, 2009

This, That and The Other

The TRAVELER:  So Kathryn hit the road yesterday and as I'm writing I'm realizing I didn't take a picture of her yesterday!!  :-(  It was a really beautiful fall day.  She came over early to finish her laundry (some of which is still in the basement!! But that's not really news is it?  :-)   She ran out to pay her rent and came back with Starbucks! mocha tasted good! They were planning to leave about noon...took off about 4.  They were planning to see the sunrise in the Rockies.  Haven't heard anything yet...  we miss her already!  She DID book her return flight from Denver right before she left, so we're hopeful that we'll see her for her birthday!

The SICK:  Jamie has been home all week with the same nasty thing that every third person seems to have.  She slept most of the first day home.  She's cold. She feels cruddy. She's not eating alot. Headache, sore throat, yucky tummy, achy all over.

Nate came home after his English test yesterday.  Alex finished his Algebra last night and decided he should probably stay home.  I woke up with a headache and gunk in my throat.  So it's VERY quiet at our end of the block this morning.  It's gray & rainy (at least it's not SNOWING!) and I'm thinking WAFFLES would be about right. 

The BEAUTIFUL: I had my first MK parties this week and my home (at least the main floor) looks BEAUTIFUL!  Even the kids were amazed.  Jeff worked SO hard helping me finish what we started swapping Alex's BIG basement bedroom for our LITTLE upstairs TV room.  We de-cluttered the main floor and cleaned carpets and added candles and organized the dining room.  There's still stuff to do (isn't there always) but we are all pleased with our progress!

Oh.  And my guests looked nice too.  ;-)

Mama wants waffles.  More later.  Love you all!

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