Friday, September 18, 2009

1st Garage Sale Fun - and Surprises

"Mama! WHY are you trying to sell my most favorite books with the very best pictures in them??  WHY would you try to sell the books that you are going to read to my children???"

This is what happens when your children come home in the middle of your 1st garage sale.  Oh dear. 

I'm pretty sure everybody - myself included brought something(s) back in house!  My personal favorite is the cribbage game from Itasca State Park that I haven't learned how to play in the last 15 years.

I cannot believe the number of people who drove down Centre Square today - our one block, dead-end street that nobody knows about unless you live here or know someone who does.  The kids made GREAT neon yellow signs to point the way.  I wish I had counted - they started coming about 8:30 (an hour & a half before we officially opened) and were still coming after 5 when the "garage sale monkey" had declared the day was over.

But The Big Surprise today was how much FUN I had.  I knew a garage sale would be ALOT of work and it has been.  At first it was fun like when you play store when you're a kid.  But here's the thing:  for an Outgoing Introvert like me, I had no idea I much I would really enjoy the people who have crossed my driveway today.

Like the lady who looked in the partly open garage door and asked if I was getting rid of the stack of cloth diapers sitting there.  The diapers I have moved from house to house and room to room and fretted over because I just didn't know what to do with them (I have PLENTY of rags already thank you) but just couldn't throw them away.  She's going to Jerusalem this fall to work in several orphanages and they would love to have them!  I was so grateful to put them in her hands with my blessings.

And the young girl about 19 who was out "treating" her grandmother all day today.  They looked like they were having so much fun together.  She is playing soccer for M-State and bought a BUNCH of soccer socks and shin guards.  I wish I could watch her play in those stripey maroon socks.  (I was so happy she didn't buy the very ugly dress I'm trying to get rid of - it would have looked horrible on her, too!)

And the dad who bought the Trail A Bike - and listened to me remember when Alex used to "coast" along behind me when he was little.  "Are you pedaling, Alex??  *hee! smile-at-mom*  PEDAL, Alex!" 

And the young couple who came back to buy the mouse habitat and tubes that Alex was so creatively setting up for display.  (I'm pretty sure he's already spent his earnings!)

And the little lady who reminded me of my grandma who took the plastic flowers out of the "free" box.  I KNOW she is going to make something beautiful to give to someone she loves who will someday put them back in the "free" box at her garage sale.  Who knew free flowers could bring so many people such remembered joy??

And the church librarian who bought a bunch of books for the library.  And the lady who bought the daily Bibles all the same kind so that her family could all study together.  And even the nice guy with some kind of physical disability who bought the blue Schwinn and brought a few quick tears to my eyes watching him wheel it down the driveway and away into the fall afternoon.  And the single guy with the bad back who bought the comfy couch & chair for his new apartment.

And yes, the Big Stack of Books with the Wonderful Pictures - that I bought from the door-to-door encyclopedia saleman in Minneapolis the summer of 1989 -  is safely back in the house.  Ready for my grandchildren.

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