Thursday, September 17, 2009

End of the Week - Busy Weekend Ahead!

THIS IS IT.  Garage Sale Weekend.  I put the ad in the paper so I'm committed to this thing.  And I'm pretty sure Jeff would kill me if I put it off one. more. time.  So we're trying to sell the junk out of my garage and off my driveway Friday 10 - 5 and Saturday 9 - 5.  Anything that doesn't go? Goes. 

The kids are in the swing of things.  Jamie & Nate have fallen into a very nice routine driving to school together.  They also enjoy going to the (new!) Fargo library after school to study.  Alex is figuring out how to get himself up in the morning - his mother is figuring out how to let him do it. 

We are all going to church together at Salem Evangelical Free Church in Fargo Sunday mornings.  The kids are going together to Valley Christian for dinner & youth group on Wednesday evenings.  This is MUCH easier with Jamie driving now. 

Kathryn is heading to Chicago with a friend from Crossroads College (former Minnesota Bible College) for a wedding this weekend.  She leaves October 1 for a month with friends who are moving to Colorado.  She's enjoying her break from school this semester. 

Jamie has been invited to travel to New Orleans with a Habitat for Humanity project - leaving from her Uncle Brett's church in Minneapolis.  Phil went on this trip a couple years ago and loved it.  Still a few details to work out, but it looks like she'll be heading to Minneapolis Oct 9 to meet up with the group.  Traveling to New Orleans by bus Oct 10 - back home Oct 18.  She'll only miss one day of school as that week is her fall break.  She's very excited about this opportunity to both travel and serve others.

Gotta get moving - need to pick up stuff to make signs (kids' job tonight), get some change, some pop/water for the kids to sell (mom assures me this is a money maker and I need to at least make back my money from the newspaper ad - sheez!), and then it's time to get busy setting this thing up.  Anyone need a ratty old couch?  Cheap? I'll through in the mismatched throw pillows for free!

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