Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wordless wednesday: july backyard

I was sitting in the swing outside the back door, bare feet in the sun, relaxing and enjoying a good book when I noticed the enormous weed in the fire ring.  First, I considered how long it's been since we've had a fire and how many we planned to have this summer and that it is July already.  Secondly, I mused about how darn Big that thistle is and how hard it will be to pull and how easy it would have been if I pulled it when a baby.  Nextly, I noticed the other weeds, saplings, overgrown grape vines, sad looking rhubarb (no cobbler this year!), unweeded flower beds, wholes in the lawn, pine boughs dragging too low and general yard care I have neglected most of the summer.  *Sigh...*

I reached for my camera - to chronicle my laziness? my lack of respect for the yard?  

Through the lens I saw first the thistledown.  And the sunshine through the grape and poplar leaves, the wind helping them flutter to gain my attention.  The little green apples are just starting to show red where the sunbeams kiss the tops of their heads. 

I smiled, rearranged my pillows and turned my attention back to my book.

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