Friday, July 2, 2010


We've been out to the camp every weekend since Jamie left to go to work at Pine Haven right after graduation the first weekend of June!  Kathryn took her out.  Then we took Nate out for camp. Then we all went out for an overnight to pick up Nate and drop off Alex.  Then Jeff went out to get Alex.  We'll go out Sunday to bring Jamie home for a week (YAY!) and back out next weekend to take her back!!  Wow.  Who made that plan??  After next weekend we'll likely have a fairly long stretch - with maybe a visit or two - until she comes home in August to get ready to leave for school.

Jamie has been working so hard.  Her days start about 6 am in the kitchen helping prepare breakfast and end about 11 after the campfire.  In between she's doing all sorts of things inside and out including cooking, cleaning, canteen and camper hunting.  I'll try to put her in front of the computer for a few minutes next week for a blog entry!

Alex seemed to enjoy his week at camp last week (9th & 10th graders).  They had about 60 campers - a much more laid back week than the 160+ at senior high school week.  He only forgot sleep pants and a towel.  It could have been worse.  Nate was last week's only child - he got along pretty well, but I think it's a good thing he's not last-born.  He misses his siblings.  

Kathryn is enjoying her job at the fitness center - and is picking up some weekend shifts back over at the bowling alley snack bar.  She prefers the smaller, more laid-back staffs.  She was in the small choir for the combined Salem-Bethel worship services at Salem last weekend.  She looked great and the service was really good.  The worship leaders and choir all sounded excellent.  We had lunch together at Taco John's (Nate's most favorite!) after 2nd service and enjoyed the visit.  When will I get used to having grown up children?  

I'm looking for a good flight for Ashlee's visit in August - she's getting in right between my Mary Kay trip to Dallas and Jamie's departure for school in St Paul.

Our family has started planning for an all-family trip somewhere for my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary in 2011.  We've narrowed it down to summer.  And somewhere we can all enjoy together - from my retired, but active parents, 4 40-something-ish adults (yes, Matt, I know you're still a baby and not quite 40 - thus, the -ish!), 2 college-aged girls, 2 high school boys and let's see... an 8 year old girl and 6- and 4 year old boys!  woohoo!!!   The suggestion box is now open.

This week's favorites:

  • iTunes podcasts - ridiculous how much I love having my favorite programs just show up in iTunes!  wonderful technology
  • Grocery Gadgets - this little gadget for iPod with web interface promises to be my new favorite little tech tool - AWESOME grocery (and any other) shopping lists with potential to set up aisle by aisle shopping which (you have NO idea!) could be perfect for me
  • Project Free TV - have I mentioned this one before?  If it's free, it's for me and if I'm going to watch TV, I like to do it on my schedule.  Our current guilty pleasure:  The Big Bang Theory (we're on whatever is the current season, but rent it from the beginning).  
  • Franklin Planner - I'm an office supplies junkie.  And the planner/organizer has to be one of my most favorite things.  I went Crazy this year and ordered BOTH refill AND new binder.  I know.  Insanity.  And I almost lost it when the box came in the mail this week!  squeeee!!
  • I'm reading (and enjoying) The Bookseller of Kabul (Asne Seierstad), trying to read For Richer, Not Poorer (sigh!) by Ruth l Hayden, and loving Good Poems (selected & introduced by Garrison Keillor)

Please share your favorites!  Have a great week,


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  1. This week: WD40. And margaritas made by my brother-in-law.