Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fabulous Fourth

For the 1st time in a long time, I didn't take a single picture on the 4th.  Not a one.  And didn't make many plans.  Didn't carry many out either.  Didn't even insist on reading the Declaration of Independence or making my kids do it.  ~Ha!  That's funny.  Get it?~  

I just realized I didn't even break out our copy of the Declaration (wonder where it is...  one advantage of an annual national holiday is that I find it at least once a year!)  We did read about Jefferson's early draft that used the word "subjects".  Not a big shocker, but still interesting.  And we read about celebrations throughout the country.  We did this, Jamie, Nate, Alex and I, while the boys were making supper together.  Southwestern Soup.  A menu item we'd put off for several days in a row due to life.  The boys really did an excellent job.  They are scheduled to cook a meal once (or perhaps twice, or even more!) each week this summer.  They did a great job and the meal was delicious.

The boys making supper was yesterday - the day after the 4th - the day we didn't realize would really be another holiday for most people.  But not Jeff - he went off to work just like clockwork.  However, the phones were slow enough in the afternoon for him to come home early and paint some more in my new office-in-progress, do some other stuff, help the boys get supper on the table and join the plan to take Jamie to see "How to Train Your Dragon" at the Safari Theater!  Fun movie!

On the 4th.  Jeff had breakfast with Marissa and delivered her to the airport to take off for a visit to Texas.  We had some lunch (can't remember what it was right now) and took off to camp to get Jamie.  She had 5th & 6th graders last week.  Their camp ended Friday morning then the women arrived for Ladies' Retreat which continued through Sunday noon!  They finished cleaning up camp by about 3 and she loaded up to head home for a break.  Turns out to be about four days.  She has to be back on campus by about 11:30 Friday.  

We got home, unloaded Jamie and Jeff made some delicious burgers for supper.  Jamie is staying (with her much stuff) in Alex's room.  Alex is staying with Nate in the basement.  We're finishing up the painting in Jamie's room to make it my new Mary Kay office - a couple of lovely pinks!  We decided to paint the closet so what remained of Jamie's stuff is in the living room.  whee!!

The boys went shopping Saturday (and stayed within the budget) for explosives which we - and the neighbors - enjoyed Sunday evening!  We had been pretty noisy for about 20 minutes before our across-the-street neighbors came out to join us. Kathryn came over for awhile, too and we decided to invite everyone back for next year - with perhaps a little more planning for a dessert & iced tea to share!  This was Alex's first year to light his own fireworks.  I didn't find out until it was all over that he got a couple pretty burned thumbs - nothing serious that a little practice won't cure.  ;-7    Our "hens" were duds this year, but the crazy hedgehogs never fail to amuse and the night parachuters were pretty cool.  Nate got a REALLY good tank that shot it's own separate little show in the driveway.  My favorite for a second year in a row was the Memory Lantern.  Love it.  A beautiful, quiet, thoughtful conclusion to our personal pyrotechnics.  

It sounded like MSUM was doing it's usual fantastic display, but we had had enough fun of our own and sat it out this year.  The kids said something to the effect of skipping the "sing along" this year.  A Front Fenders (great local cover band!) concert in the grandstand.  Jeff does tend to "sing along."  A little.  Ok, that's exactly what they said.  And he does.  ALOT.  ;-D   At least we've got plans.

shoot!  maybe we'll just be in California with Julie and the kids!  

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