Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Sizzle or Drizzle? The Trilogy Begins: June Movie Lineup

The heat is on as the first REAL Summer Blockbuster Month begins


Knight and Day - Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are teamed together in this Action flick with some romance and supposed humor thrown. Tom rocks the action movies and Cameron can actually bring it too so this has the potential to be good, but do they have any on screen chemistry? It's questionable since they starred together in Vanilla Sky (2001) which didn't do very well at the box office. (For the record I didn't see Vanilla Sky so can't comment on the Cruise/ Diaz Chemistry Connection . . . yet).

The A-Team - When I first heard Hollywood was doing a movie version of this somewhat cheesy but entertaining 80's TV show I groaned, "Not another one." But after seeing trailers and the cast list I'm actually wanting to see this movie. I'm a big Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper fan and this has the potential of being a fun, roller coaster ride of an action flick. I don't expect a great plot, but if the action sequences are well done and adrenalin filled then COOL!

Killers - Buffed up Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl take on the action/ romantic comedy a la Knight and Day but unlike Cruze and Diaz Ashton and Katherine CAN do comedy so the humor could be better in this "retired secret government assassin marries an unwitting woman and his past comes back to try and bite him in the butt" movie. High jinks ensue but unless the dialogue is snappy and the action sequences well done then Killers could end up being terminated with prejudice.

The Karate Kid - When I first heard they did a remake of The Karate Kid I yelled, "NOOOOOO!" But after reading about it and seeing the trailers I realized this is The Karate Kid in name only. It's not even Japanese karate but Kung Fu. Hmm. Ok, well, this could still be a good movie but early reviews haven't been too favorable. Jaden Smith does an ok job but the story is a bit lacking and the magic of Miyagi/ Danielsan relationship is lacking.


Get Him to the Greek - Both of the stars were in Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Russell Brand reprising his character of English rock star, Aldous Snow. The write ups and reviews say this film is a wild and raunchy romp. Hmm. Well, may see it on DVD

Grown Ups - On the surface this seems like it might be funny but it also seems like they decided to throw a bunch of well known funny men up against a wall and see what sticks. Ensemble casts can be tricky and in the past ensemble comedian casts have been very hit or miss.


Marmaduke - CGI talking Great Dane. Sigh. I'm sure the kiddies would love this one. Not being a fan of the comic I think I'll pass.

Toy Story 3 - Back when my daughters were young I loved going to Toy Story and Toy Story 2 to see Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang. I do hope this is a good Pixar addition to the Story franchise and will probably see it on DVD for old times sake. (Hey, I'm a kid at heart).


Jonah Hex - This film is based on a comic book and since I've NEVER heard of it I'm feeling little interest in seeing it. This Weird Western style thriller is too niche oriented to be well seen mainstream so don't feel bad if you miss this one in the theaters.

Splice - True sci fi but heard this one is a disappointment. But then, I don't agree with most news critics so . . . Anyway, I like the premise (21st Century Frankenstein) and the trailer looked creepy and intriguing and I love me some decent science fiction every now and then.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - The Squee Crowd will be pleased that the third in the series is being released so timely. Bella, Edward, and Jacob return along with the love triangle, blood suckers, and furry friends galore. Get ready to get your vamp on . . . or wolf if your a Team Jacob fan. Squeeeeeeeee!

Enjoy the first month of true Summer releases and don't forget the popcorn people.

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