Thursday, June 24, 2010

on the menu

Isn't it amazing how the seasons - of weather & of life - break our routines, no matter how small and cause us to regroup, re-evaluate and reorder our little worlds?  I used to (and still too often) rant and rail about little chaos-es these seasons bring with them.  How I feel so out of sorts, so at odds and ends, just trying to find my way through the week in the midst of all the wreckage of my routine.  (Oh, the little dramas we create for ourselves!  At least I do.)

I'm learning to accept these seasons more graciously.  Please don't ask any of my children for a report on that, they don't have the proper perspective to evaluate fairly.  Surely there is no truly perfect routine, no truly exceptional method for remembering all the dates and times and appointments and bill due dates and to which teeth the boy's rubber bands are supposed to be connected and re-connected after brushing after each and every meal and snack.  Living and loving today cannot be diminished by the presence of winter coats in my front hall closet in June.  If I don't allow it.  The tree-lings that have taken over the beds along the side of the house that I never see have nothing real to say to me about my worth and a keeper of the home.  Really.  Or at least I'm not listening.  (Sorry, Mary - my dear neighbor.)  

I'm trying so hard (or maybe less hard) to live in the present.  To let the past go and the future come and just Live right now.  

At least until my planner refill calendars arrive in the next 7 - 14 days and then I'll really get organized.  :-)

Ah, yes.  I do have a menu for the week - really the next 10 days to 2 weeks!  yippee.

Marinated Steak Tips w garlic mashed potatoes and peas
Asian Pork and Noodles with cantaloupe slices
Salsa Rosa Burgers with roasted potatoes
Apricot Chicken with steamed rice and broccoli
Santa Fe Soup with cornbread
Crockpot:  chuck Roast with veggies 
Hot Dog Wraps with strawberries and chips  (yes!  hotdogs in crescent rolls!)
I just noticed there is no fish so I'll rely on Jeff for a fish - probably salmon!

Good Eatin'!!


  1. Are you still doing the email menu thing??

  2. We're still using the EMealz service - my first subscription is up in July but we'll probably continue for another 3 months. The weekly plan is ALWAYS more than we need for our (now) family of 4. But the plan is VERY simple to adjust and having a basic plan handed to me every week is very nice. Two thumbs up for emealz: