Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Miscellany

We had a crazy combination of winter weathers this LONG weekend:  fog, rain, freezing rain, sleet, mist, gigantic snowflakes, wet heavy snow and slush, temps in the 30s for days now dropping into the teens today and below 0 overnight tonight, and blizzard conditions with winds gusting to nearly 50 mph today.  I don't recall ever seeing snowflakes so BIG as the ones that held hands and floated out of the sky last Saturday morning.  That icicle is at least 3 feet long!  We don't usually see icicles at all on our house, but the melting snow and dropping temps made that big one that surprised us this morning.  No school for the kids today with white out conditions throughout the Valley and no travel advised in all of North Dakota.

It might be the cabin fever that causes us to use our cell phones to call each other in the house - except that we do it all year round pretty much.  I think it's the next generation intercom system.  Except this weekend when no one was answering their cell phones, I was especially ingenious and called my MK answering machine from upstairs so that SOMEONE might hear me talking and do my bidding. And it worked!  Jamie doesn't actually need such a system with her lung power.  The best part was hearing her voice on the answering machine message when she yelled to me from downstairs and my cell phone picked it up so that it was recorded.  Wow.

Last weekend Jamie and Alex went to Minneapolis to visit cousins.  Nate had to stay home to work on a school project.  (How does he always get the group project with only girls in the group???)  All was well until Jamie started throwing up Sunday night.  So Kathryn & I made a quick trip down and back to pick them up.  I really enjoyed the mother/daughter time with each of my girls!

Nate is planning to take his "written" driver's permit test this Wednesday morning.  Then he can begin his on the road lessons and take the test for his license in 6 months.  Looking forward to having a new driver by next fall.  The boys (and I) have been so spoiled having Jamie take up the driving slack this last year. 

Jamie had her interview with Tay Odor in the Cities last Sunday - she's hoping to work at Pine Haven this summer.  We were surprised to find out that Tay is thinking of putting Jamie on the Outdoor Crew!  I think it will be a wonderful experience for Jamie but I'm going to miss her terribly.

Kathryn got a new job at West Acres Bowl - in the snack bar.  Can't wait to sample her pizza making skills.  When it stops snowing, we're planning a family bowling party out there.  She's working weekends there and looking for something else part time for during the week.  Christian is working at Dunn Bros - I think the girls have been enjoying the perks!

Alex and Jamie and their orchestras are getting ready for the Big Event in February.  Midori (world-famous violinist) chooses 2 cities to visit each year for a special one week extravaganza of clinics and concerts and etc.  Fargo-Moorhead got the nod this year and it's going to be so much cooler than the kids can even know! 

I have most of the most important name changes complete...down to hair stylist and video store.  I sign with a stutter these days  - trying to remember both new year and new name at once!

So be cool and stay warm.

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