Friday, January 29, 2010


You just know it's going to be an awesome kind of day when you wake up to your smiling husband handing you a CROWN!  And a battery powered sparkly crown to boot.  Yeah.  Queen of the Day. (posted early morning thank you for my crown pic on FB and found Happy Birthday messages from early rising friend!!)

I took a little mid-morning nap then had to get up and hurry to shower, etc.  I had a very nice birthday message on my machine from my mom whose call I missed.  And my sister called me about 3 times for various reasons.

Called her back on my way to pick up Kathryn, but she HUNG UP on me on my birthday.  I laughed half the way to Kathryn's remembering days with preschoolers that I thought would NEVER end. 

Lunch with Kathryn at Extreme Pita.  On the tall chairs at the bar by the window. Very nice.  She's grown up, people.  I have a grown up daughter.  Sigh.

Jeff picked me up after work to go to a matinee.  Avatar won the Facebook coin toss which was good because the Fargo Theatre didn't have a matinee for Up In The Air today!  It is COLD outside, but the sun is shining.    Txtd Alex from the theater to remind him to remind his sister to pick him up after school, put the phone on vibrate and put it AWAY.  hee!  I love having kids who take care of themselves.

We did not miss the beginning of the movie, even though I almost made us late.

We liked Avatar. (LONG movie) 
But now I want a tail. 
And a braid. 
"I see you..."

Just about made ourselves sick on popcorn.

When we got home, the lasagna was not thawed (not even CLOSE) and so was two hours from the table.  So...  "hello?  Dominos?"  I like ordering pizza online. 

Julie called for the half a millionth time to see if I had opened her present yet.  So I did.  CHOCOLATE!!!!  And a super cute new blouse - perfect MK attire.  Thank you, sis!

Jeff started a puzzle while waiting for the pizza.  Jamie was out to coffee with Kathryn for some sister time.  The boys were on the computer playing something.  I made a few quick MK calls (yay!  I have a party confirmed for Grand Forks on Monday)

The pizza came - Jamie came home - and we all went to the basement to eat and watch "The Young Sherlock Holmes."  How did I miss this 80's Spielberg gem?  Don't know. 


YAY!! Time for presents!!

Can't really see them in the pic (not your fault, Alex) but these are the cutest little reindeer placecard holders we saw at a Moorhead coffee place the other day.  We're not really the formal dinner type people, but Jamie likes to make placecards & I love it when she does - and these are so fun!

Look!  Jamie customized the wrapping for the big, heavy gift!  It's so beautiful it was hard to open.  I'm saving it to hang on her wall after she leaves me this summer and I turn her room into my Mary Kay room.  (<3 u jem!!)

eeee!  Jeff bought a rolling tray-cart thing with a tilting work table that will be SO excellent for my computer when I'm relaxing in bed or on the couch.  (that happens once in awhile)  I think it may make him nervous when I leave it on the floor upstairs. (that happens once it awhile too)

I ALMOST thought I was going to get kisses from my boys.  But, alas, they were just kidding.

Still it was a really happy day spent with people I love who love me back so much more than I could deserve. 

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  1. Sounds like a perfect birthday!! Great write-up and pics.