Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Miscellany

I don't know how they did it, but somehow Julie's children gave me the stomach bug from clear across the country!  Or else it was Christian via Kathryn.  I was laying pretty low over the weekend - but I got plenty of TLC and I feel better today (even considering it's Monday).

We finally got a break from the COLD - we were in the mid-20s yesterday - supposed to get all the way up to 29 by Wednesday.  This after a couple weeks well below 0.  New Year's Day - our Wedding Day - dawned at -27!  Jeff's parents (Don & Gloria) demonstrated a real commitment to our new family traveling from Alabama for a four day sub-zero adventure. 

We had such a great New Year's Weekend with all our kids and Jeff's parents - wedding, dinner(s), cooking, playing cards, hanging out.  I'm still writing thank yous for all the special visits, thoughts, well-wishes and gifts.  I'll post a link over there ---> to my pictures on Facebook if you haven't seen them yet!

We've had a busy couple weeks at the end of the block - astounded at how much Jeff still had to move from the little apartment.  Seems like we were doing such a good job gradually bringing stuff over this Fall - and YET - seems like we still have to find room for more!  I'm working on all the name change business this week - and trying to remember my new name myself!  The Christmas decorations were a little late going up this year and they're taking their sweet time coming back down too.  The kids seem to think that if the tree is still up, it should be lit - I keep turning it back off thinking we don't really need to advertise it to the whole neighborhood.  :-)

Jamie continues to work away on the stuff Seniors have to do all year.  She chose her senior picture and turned that in along with her baby picture for the yearbook.  She also learned about pumping gas in sub-zero Minnesota.  We got a little nervous over a couple frostbitten toes - silly girl!!  We used this as evidence for Kathryn that she really should at least carry socks with her in the winter.  Children of the Northland - what are you going to do?

Ashlee came all the way from Texas for the wedding - it was so sweet to have her here!  She knew just what to do with the sparkly bobby pins I bought for my hair.  She's a junior this year and so still relatively carefree.  She is switching schools in January - the vacations didn't align so she caught a FOUR week break. 

Marissa turned 20 last week - she's our Epiphany Girl (Jan 6).  It has been good to get to know her boyfriend, Aaron, a little.  Kathryn turned 20 in November.  Can't believe we're leaving the teen years!  We're glad to have both girls living here in Fargo-Moorhead - looking forward to a new year of dinners, laundry and movie nights.

Nate is suddenly taller than me!  And still under 100 pounds.  Our campaign to fatten him up continues into the New Year.  If we could just get him to stop growing UP we might have some success.  He has really come into his own at school and manages his work well - his grades reflect his efforts.  His once-a-week afternoon paper route has required alot of extra cold-weather gear this last month.

Alex enjoyed his break from school over Christmas - going back?  Not so much.  He and Algebra are still not getting along so well.  The boys will be traveling with Jamie to the Cities this weekend to see the cousins and celebrate Christmas.  They have a Monday and Tuesday holiday from school.

Better get back to my Thank Yous - if you haven't received yours yet - it will be in the mail...soon.

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