Wednesday, April 18, 2012


           Back in the very beginning of January of this year we got a really cool digital scale that calculates a person's weight, body fat percentage, and water weight percentage and it confirmed what I already knew. . . that during the holidays I overindulged, under-exercised, and I was dancing dangerously close to being 200 plus pounds.  I thought, "Seriously??  Two HUNDRED pounds?? Nuh-uhh!"  
           So then on January 6th I had an epiphany - It's time to embark on 2012 GMOBBIS (Get My Old Butt Back In Shape) Challenge. Being 50, I've decided that I really need to make some serious changes to my fitness level and nutrition.  So after three and a half months I have started this blog, at the constant encouragement of my wonderful wife, Lori, to chronicle my road back from the edge.  
            Most fitness folks will tell you that to really maximize and benefit from an exercise regimen that you need to have a goal.  My goal is to lose the spare tire that seemed to inflate overnight and Get My Old Butt Back In Shape! (Cue Survivor's, "Eye of the Tiger").  What is making this process even MORE challenging is that at 50 my body is fighting me tooth and nail in losing any weight so I have my work cut out for me.  Sigh.                    
            Two key elements to this fitness challenge has been my "themed" workouts and better nutrition.  The hardest part of continuing an exercise program is fighting boredom and your body adapting to the same routine so you don't experience continual muscle growth or weight loss.  Plateauing is the enemy, my friends, that most of us battle against and it can come through both exercise and nutrition.
             I decided for my workouts that I would create a variety of strength training/ cardio routines that would keep my workouts fresh and motivating throughout the process.  In order to do that, I put together themed workout months with a series of six workouts that I would rotate each week.  I read a TON of fitness/ exercise information both in print and online, check out youtube videos of various workout routines, and even watch The Biggest Loser for workout ideas.  Because of all this research, all my strength and cardio ideas and workouts have been either inspired by or borrowed ( ripped off) directly from other sources.  Hey, why reinvent the wheel, right?   That being said, I have taken all this information and designed my own personal workouts that motivate me and keep my in the gym doing my workouts.
               In future blogs, I will share more about the monthly themed strength workouts, cardio sessions, workout music, training ideas, nutrition, etc. that are helping me on my GMOBBIS Challenge 2012.  Remember, I'm no personal trainer or expert by ANY stretch of the imagination.  I'm just a guy trying to get in better shape and enjoy life to the fullest.  Oh, and any comments, questions, or especially fitness ideas that any reader has to offer would be greatly appreciated.  Would love to share this process with those interested that also are struggling to lose weight and get in shape this year.  

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