Sunday, August 22, 2010

weekEnd Review

Oh!  I have been SO bad about blogging this summer.  Our schedule changed and my business got busy and I got out of a habit barely formed anyway!

One of the things we enjoyed most this summer was the membership my parents bought us for our public pool.  They had a lap swim in the early evening followed by a family swim session.  Jeff especially enjoyed the lap swim time.  The boys often joined him for the family swim and they had a great time playing with water bomb (balls made especially for throwing in the pool) and tubes.  Who knew they doubled as light sabers?  Boys.  Nate & Alex really enjoyed cooling down after their long days in the field pollinating corn in July.

The boys also enjoyed their well-deserved earnings.  They both got up early and worked long, hot days in the fields.  They worked hard and did good jobs.  I'm so proud of them both.  Nate is pretty sure he'll return to Pioneer for a third year next summer.  Alex isn't so sure though he's pretty happy with his new laptop computer!  :-)

Speaking of hard work - Jamie probably wins this summer's award.  We have heard nothing but good things about her work at Pine Haven.  She spent part of her time working with the outside crew and part of her time in the kitchen with her cousins, Anna & Mary.  Anna was head cook for the camp this summer and did an outstanding job.  We heard more than once that campers, faculty and staff enjoyed the best camp food ever!  

Jamie worked pretty much all day, every day - off each week Saturday afternoons until they got ready for the new campers each Sunday afternoon.  She came home in really good shape - lots of awesome muscles!  Jeff & Ashlee brought her home last Tuesday evening and we ran like crazy until we left Thursday afternoon to take her down to Northwestern College (St Paul).  We moved her into the dorm Friday morning.  The college had some special orientation for both students & parents Friday & Saturday. 

We went to a family BBQ at the school Friday evening - then the boys went to Connie & Brian's to visit with their cousins Friday night & Saturday.  Jeff & Ashlee visited the Mall of America before he took her to airport Saturday afternoon.  We did some serious Target shopping for Jamie and picked up the boys for a relaxing evening back at the hotel.  We all went to church together on campus this morning, had brunch in the cafeteria and said goodbye to Jamie.  She's going to have such an awesome year!

We had a really wonderful visit with Ashlee these last couple weeks.  Swimming and movies and shopping and even a Mary Kay Spa Night.  We mostly just enjoyed being together.  Ashlee got to spend some time with her sister, Marissa, and other friends in town.  And finally Jamie for a few days.  It was so fun to have both girls for a shopping day for school clothes for Jamie - Ashlee was in charge of cute tops & I was in charge of jeans - Ashlee came out the definite winner for the day!  Having Ashlee, Jeff and the boys made quick work of moving Jamie into the dorm.

Kathryn is still working away at fitness center and bowling alley.  She has an adventurous one-legged cat.  I believe her roommate has brought home another cat as a friend.  Kathryn plays guitar beautifully - she just keeps continuing to learn and has friends who enjoy music.  Her little red car is back up and running and carrying her around town.

Jeff starts school tomorrow at MSUM.  He's taking Multicultural America, Calculus I, Computer Calculus, and Educational Psychology.  He got a new wallet for back-to-school and set off store alarms all week until we finally found the little electronic anti-theft tag hidden inside!  I thought I was going to have to pretend to not know him everywhere we go...  His backpack is packed and he's pretty excited to start his new adventure towards being a teacher.

The boys have two more whole weeks of summer!  They and Jamie are going to Last Chance Camp at Pine Haven over Labor Day weekend - Nate & Alex as campers (Alex's first time!) and Jamie as staff.  Jeff & I are excited to be planning a trip to Alabama over Labor Day weekend to visit his parents and sisters and families.  Then it's back for the boys' first day of school the Tuesday after Labor Day.  

We have really enjoyed our summer and we're not quite ready to let it go yet even as we're looking ahead to fall and cooler weather.




Jamie Miller
3003 Snelling Ave. N.
MC #159
St Paul, MN  55113-1598

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